Saturday, June 30, 2018

RoboCop comment I got when came home tonight-624-Freemasonry-Cubs-Rocket 88-Chess

I went out earlier tonight as there were a bunch of people shooting fireworks off by my cousin Timmy's house. I took Claire up there to play and watch Fireworks and also I went to just hang out. 
My friend Cody(Cubs Fan) originally told me he would be back and then said he wouldn't....then told me he was but it would be later. He came over to where we were and eventually everyone left and me and him went to the  bar around 12:30....Anyway I got home and opened my computer to a notification about if the Cubs were winning the world series this year. 
I didn't think much of it until just now looking at this person's's RoboCop....what I remember from that movie is the cop who becomes RoboCop was named "MURPHY". Remember the Cubs won in 1908 with owner Charles MURPHY...and then cursed by the Billy Goat named Murphy....ironically I was at my cousins Timmy Murphy's house tonight too. 

I looked up the film RoboCop and the guy who plays "Murphy" just so happens to be born on 6/24 of all days. 
Notice the film came out on 7/17 too..
Remember modern Freemasonry founded on 6/24/1717..
Peter Weller=58, 59(rev red), 139, 158(reverse), 524(satanic)
Freemasonry=58, 59(rev red), 139, 158(reverse), 524(satanic)

Better yet the film is set in "Detroit"...the team  that the Indians and the Cubs are both connected to...
Detroit Tigers=624
Rocky Colavito=624
Aroldis Chapman=624

If you notice above too that Peter Weller is also the star of the Film Buckaroo Bonzai....The reason this sticks out is because is in 2014/ 2015 I documented how the first Rock and Roll Album/song was called Rocket 88. It was used in the film Buckaroo Bonzai. 

Remember this album/song is also from "CHESS" Records. 
Curse of the Billy Goat=88
Think about the Rockets/Space symbolism I have documented earlier this year too...Houston Rockets....

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