Thursday, June 7, 2018

Trump invokes War of 1812 in Call with Justin Trudeau-National Anthem-Francis Scott Key 510-Herbert Hoover

The reason we got this story of Trump talking about the War of 1812 was because of the National Anthem Symbolims. 
Francis Scott Key wrote the National Anthem during the War of 1812 more specifically the Battle of Baltimore on 9/14/1814. 

War of Eighteen Twelve=223
The Star Spangled Banner=223
It's why Roseanne was canceled after coming back for it's 223rd episode and canceled on it's 231st episode. 
National Anthem=231(reverse)
She sang the terrible national anthem as well. 

Trump was referring to the White House being burnt down during the War of 1812 on 8/24/1814. 
Notice they waited to release this story in the mainstream media until 6/6 instead of 5/25...
6/6 to 8/24 is 9 months 14 days. 
Reminds us of the day the national anthem was written. 

Of course that means 9/14 to 6/6 is 8 months 24 a perfect day syncing to the national anthem. 

The day this story actually happened was 9 months 2 days after the White House burning in 1812...
War of Eighteen Twelve=92(rev red)

Justin Trudeau=48, 183, 168(reverse)
Prime Minister=168, 183(reverse)
Donald Trump=48
Kim Jong Un=48
Yet another "48" that's special to recent things. 

Amazing that Francis Scott Key died 5 months 10 days after his bday as well. Born on 8/1 the bridge number...
Francis Key=48, 111
He died on 1/11. 

Defence of Fort M'Henry=923(Jewish)
Remember Trump called out the kneeling on 9/23. 

Remember too that Herbert Hoover signed The Star Spangled Banner to be the official National Anthem into congress. Hoover has a lot of ties to Donald Trump...The Stock Market Crash-Became president days after the St. Valentines Massacre. 
Herbert Hoover=614(satanic)
Trump born on 6/14 which is FLAG Day....
Trump's bday this year is also his 510th day being president. 

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  1. IG report eyerbody's been waiting for to be released on Trump's birthday! 

    Inspector general says he expects June 14 release date for highly anticipated report on Clinton email case