Sunday, June 3, 2018

Bush Family-9/11-Valentines-More 77

The reason I'm even posting about this is because this article mentions a book written by Bush's grandchildren. They mention how they were married for 77 years...Although if you look it up it's only 76 as they met in December 1941. 
77 an important number with Bush and 9/11 though so it's interesting. 

His father was Prescott Bush who even died age 77. 

He eve died 7 months 7 days before his bday. 
Think about Barbara's bday of 6/8 and the connections to 9/11. 
Prescott Bush=68(rev red)
Skull and Bones=68...The year George W. Bush graduated. 

His son George W. Bush was married in the year 77' too. 
Think about it too. He was the first president to have TWINS as children and the president when the TWIN towers were attacked. 
Twin Daughters=624(satanic)
Laura Bush born on 11/ 9/11 happened 54 days before her bday when she was 54 years old. 
11/4 is Egyptian Valentines Day...
G W Bush born on 7/6 which is eastern orthodox Valentines Day. 

They are born 121 days apart. 

Barbara Bush died on 4/17...
She died 7 months 6 days after 9/11. 

The Bush Twins born 2 months 14 days after 9/11. (Valentines 2/14). 

Valentines Day also 156 days after 9/11. 
How fitting....
156th prime is 911
North Tower=156
False Flag=156
And so on...

I'm reminded of what I talked about a long time ago in regards to I Pet Goat II and a Valentines/Love Theme. All the hearts in the background...the Pink Lotus Flower....Evol..t..N....The backwards Love...."Evol tn"=88

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  1. It's interesting that when you go from 12/7/2941 to 6/12/2018 you get 76 years 187 days, or a full span of 76 years 188 days. Either way you look at it next Tuesday seems like it's going to be big.