Saturday, June 9, 2018

Warriors Sweep the Cavaliers-King Symbolism-Elizabeth II's horse win Belmont Gold Cup

The Cavaliers and King James get swept in the NBA Finals. 
Look at Game 4 though...
#23 scores 23 points in a 23 point loss. 
Sweep=23, 68....Today is 6/8. 
Today even 23 weeks after Lebron's bday. 
Interesting it's also 5 months 10 days....the number I've been talking a lot about in regards to Korea/Trump/JFK. 

Golden State Warriors=108
They win with 108 points. 

Remember a Cavalier is a follower of King Charles....Charles was the son of King in order for Charles to become a King, his father King James had to die. 
No doubt the royal stuff is connected as another story in sports today was that Queen Elizabeth's horse won the Belmont Gold Cup in New York. 
Queen Elizabeth II=168...born on the 111th day. 
New York=111
Cleveland Cavaliers=168, 111(rev red)
The NBA Finals=48, 111
This story comes 48 days after Queen Elizabeth's bday.

No surprise the Queen's horse won today as it's the 150th Belmont Stakes going on...
Queen Elizabeth=150

June 8th is the 159th day leaving 206 days in the year. It's perfectly synced to Prince Charles Birthday that is 159 days after today and 206 days before today. 
Prince Charles=68
11/14 to 4/21 is also 159 days(end date). 
Twenty Three=134(reverse)
King Charles III=134
Belmont Gold Cup=159

The date of 6/24 is still special....
King Charles III=624(satanic)
King Charles=64(rev red)
Notice 6/24 is 64 days after Elizabeth's bday....
Also it's 2 months 3 days...(King=23)
Remember Elizabeth's bday to Charles is also 6 months 24 days. 
June 24th also leaves 190 days in the year. 
King Charles=190(reverse)


  1. i like the 161st day after lebron's b'day (like the superbowl golden ratio coding (1.618) and continuing the 61 coding.

    1. Nice catch. The first 4 digits of the Golden Ratio are 1.618
      "Rob Gronkowski" = 177 (Ordinal)
      "Golden Ratio" = 177 (Reverse)
      On the date of the Belmont, Gronkowski was 10618 days old.

    2. Also see my post on the PHI ritual tribute against the PHIladelphia PHIllies just a day after the Warriors, formerly from Philly, won the NBA Title: