Sunday, June 17, 2018

Jeopardy winner could get prison for sneaking into Emails

Alex Trebek=40
Emails=40(rev red)
She pleaded guilty on June 13th but yet they wait until the 16th to make it mainstream. 

According to her bday is 5/4 even. 
Her Facebook also says she lives in Tecumseh so I'm assuming it's the same person...same age...same town...but this site is not always correct. Funny the middle name June as well and this is June...

Her bday on to the day she pleaded guilty(June 13th) is also 40 days. 

Tecumseh=40, 41(rev red), 94
Jeopardy=40, 41(rev red), 94

I bet she just gets 40 days and 40 nights in county jail lol. 

Five Years=47
Stephanie Jass=47
Stephanie=47(rev red)

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