Friday, June 15, 2018

Judge approves AT&T-Time Warner deal-9/11 symbolism-Trump/KIm Summit-Kevin Costner JFK Film-More 510

This story of AT&T merging with Time Warner has me thinking of 2 things. 
AT&T made 9-1-1 the emergency dialing code in 1968.
Time WARNer. 
This story comes the same day Trump Meets Kim Jong Un..

Al Qaeda=41

The Judge in the case was Richard Leon....Notice he was appointed to be a judge by George Bush 1 day before 9/11/2001. 
Richard Leon=107
George Bush=107

He became a Judge 5 months 10 days(end date) also 163 days after being nominated by Bush. 
George Bush=163(reverse)
June 12th the 163rd day.....George HW Bush born on 6/12. 
Think about how "Earthquake"=107, 163(reverse) too. 
John Fitzgerald Kennedy=107

This being the same day Trump meets Kim Jong Un after announcing the meeting on 5/10..
Peace Summit=510
Moon Jae In became president of SK on 5/10. 
Kim murdered his brother who was born on 5/10. 
JFK assassination anniversary is 5 months 10 days after 6/12. 
John Kennedy=510

I know I am on to something in regards to James Franco being in 11.22.63 and The Interview as we got this story today about Seth Rogen comparing the Trump Kim meeting to The Interview. 

In regards to all the 510 I've documented it's interesting that 510 days after Trump meets Kim is 11/4..2019. 
Kim Jong Un=114=World War and so on...
11/4 with the end date is also 144 days after Trump's bday. 

I'm starting to think the reason the Field of Dreams stuff came back up the other day was because of the film JFK I talked about in 2016. It stars Kevin Costner who portrays Jim Garrison who is from Denison, Iowa where Yellowsmoke Park is. Also Washington Redskin player Brandon Scherff...the Native American theme I kept mentioning before the Indians made the World Series synced up to Trump. 

Five Hundred Ten=155
Kevin Costner=155
A lot of the native stuff was connected to Obama and the assassination of William McKinley. 
It had a lot to do with the Death of Prince and his Yellow Cloud Guitar as well. 

Denison is also where Steve(Crown) KING the politician went to high school....the mascot is the Monarchs. 
Steven Arnold King=190
King Charles=107, 190(reverse)

Kevin Michael Costner=206
Chicago Cubs=206(reverse)
Hillary Clinton=206 (reverse)
Lincoln Continental=206(JFK's car)
Thinking about how people on Facebook always share stuff about her emails and her getting people killed who could expose her...
Hillary=510(sum) and 624(rev sum)
Remember Trump released the JFK files on Hillary's bday.

Today on Trump's birthday and 510th day as president they bring back the emails stuff too. 

JFK died 6 months 7 days before his bday...
Lee Harvey Oswald=67
Jack Ruby who shot Oswald died in 67'. 
Just thinking about how Prince and Pence born on 6/7. 
Michael Richard Pence=155
Dealey Plaza=189

Oswald also assassinated the 35th and only Catholic president 35 days after his own bday. 
Oswald was a "Marxist"=624(sum) and 510(rev sum)

Also don't forget the big shooting story this year was the Parkland, Florida(Stoneman Douglas) shooting...JFK went to Parkland Hospital after being shot....The Parkland shooting was super connected to Marilyn Manson who is named after Marilyn Monroe(JFK) and Charles Manson who died in November before the shooting. 
Think about how they just came out with the film "LBJ" in November as well. Also his wife being "Lady Bird" and we got a film called that as well. 

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  1. Remember the at&t headquarters was located in Manhattan (also where Trump Tower is) and it was located at 33 Thomas street. Thomas = Twin