Thursday, June 14, 2018

First Black Woman San Francisco Mayor-Earthquake Bridge Symbolism

I talked about this lady when we got the death of Ed Lee that was synced up to "Bridge" Symbolism. 
I'm seeing now that "Ed Lee"=624(rev sum) and 206(satanic)...
Both important numbers in the last few months I have been documenting about. 
Also he died on 12/12 and "San Francisco"=1212(rev sum)
I also brought up the death of Gilbert BAKER the gay flag creator...and we just had the story of the guy not making a cake for the Gay Wedding.(a baker).

Anyway notice London Breed the first BLACK woman mayor of San Francisco story comes 59 days before her bday...
First Black Woman=59
We know all the 59 in regards to Black people. 

Her bday being on 8/11 is also interesting as that is Hulk Hogan's birthday...Remember how he is really connected to Earthquakes and Philadelphia/Bridges.....Ed Lee dying age 65 like the Gilbert Baker...
The primary vote for new Mayor was on 6/5. 
Bridge Collapse=65
Terry Bollea=65(Hulk Hogan) he turns 65 years old this year. 
We got a Bridge collapse in "Florida"=65...Miami Florida=65 this year as well. 
Also this year in WWE there was emphasis on Royal RUMBLES. 
London Breed will turn 44 years old that too which stands out a lot. 
She will be was the acting(not elected) 43rd Mayor of San somewhat like the 44th....

This guy who became the actual 44th mayor of San Francisco was born on 3/ this is laughable as his bday was the day of the bridge collapse in Florida. He turned 44 years old that day too. 

He became the 44th mayor 4 months 4 days before the anniversary of the GG Bridge being opened. 
It's synced up to 2015 like I have been saying...
Mark Farrell=333(Jewish)
Philadelphia Eagles=333(Jewish)
Remember 2015 was the 333rd anniversary of Philadelphia. 
Perfect dates syncing up to the National Anthem stuff that started in San Francisco as well. 
23/1....National Anthem=231(reverse)
5/27 the 147th day.... "National Anthem"=147
August 11th is the 223rd day...
The Star Spangled Banner=223=Kaepernick=War of Eighteen Twelve
Also thinking about it..."Earthquake"=55(rev red)
Remember Ed Lee born on 5/5...he died 55 days before Super Bowl 52 in "Minneapolis"=55....the last time a SF mayor died was George Moscone who died 55 days before the Steelers(City of Bridges) won the Super Bowl. 

The primary on 6/5 was 4 months 13 days after Breed's last day as acting mayor. 
San Francisco=413(Jewish)

811 is also the 141st prime number. 
San Francisco=141(rev red)
811 also the number that was on American Pharaoh in 2015 who won the 141st Kentucky Derby...
Call 811 is the number you are supposed to call before digging which reminds me of Fracking/Earthquakes...

London Nicole Breed=166
She became acting mayor 166 days before the anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge being opened. 
The anniversary of the GG Bridge to her 44th bday is 2 months 15 days. 
Mayor of San Francisco=215

Ed Lee born in Seattle as well...I'm just thinking how a bunch of people have been talking about a big event in Seattle today 6/ dad is actually leaving to Seattle in a few hours for one of my cousins graduations. A bunch of my relatives are going there as a little vacation as well...I couldn't afford to go lol otherwise I would have. So it will be interesting if anything comes of it on the same day a bunch of my family is going there...
My cousins name in Gematria is 824(Jewish)...I just documented this number with Bobby Fischer so putting it here in case I start seeing it a bunch. 
Her name is Kaitlyn which is interesting in regards to the Phishing syncroncity...Caitlyn Jenner, Kaitlyn Cussanelli I documented the other day.....Also her bday according Facebook is 11/24 which is fitting as it's 163 days or 5 months 10 days after today(6/14)...
Earthquake=163(reverse).....Today is Trump's 510th day as President and so on...but it says 11/24/1980 as well so possibly the date is not correct...
Seattle=44(rev red), 107(reverse)
Earthquake=44, 107

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