Friday, June 29, 2018

Maryland Newspaper shooting at 888 Bestgate Road-Bridgewater Shooting-Rowdy Ronda Rousey-Royal Rumble-Triple HHH

This story reminds me of the Charlie Hebdo newspaper shooting on 1/7/2015. 
Charlie Hebdo=510(satanic)
The address sticks out right away too as I know Maryland is one of 2 states that equal "88" in the Simple or reduced...
I've recently been documenting about the Cubs and the Curse of the Billy Goat. 
Curse of the Billy Goat=88 and 888(satanic)
Maryland Newspaper=88 also 92(rev red)
Newspaper attack=88(rev red)

In 2012 Ramos filed a Defamation case against them and lost. 

Interesting today is also the only day that has "perfect numbers" in the date...
6/28....the first and second perfect numbers. 

Maryland=47(rev red)
Jarrod Warren Ramos=211
211 is the 47th prime number. 
Annapolis=47(rev red)
Bestgate=47(rev red)
Think about how close this is to the White House...
White House=47

They are also bringing up 9/11 and the Bridgewater shooting in regards to this attack on Journalists. 
The Bridgewater shooting was about Roddy Piper dying and his film "They Live" where he shoots up the News. Also the Disturbed song "The Vengeful One" that came out earlier that summer with the video a tribute to "They Live". 
Interesting too the Bridgewater shooting was on 8/26 and today is 6/28 the reflections of each other. 

Remember too that Jesus=888 in Greek Isosephy...
Also "Royal Rumble"=888 and the wrestler Triple H was important to Ronda Rousey who did the Roddy Piper Tribute and came out at the Royal Rumble. 
Remember XXXTentacion's song 888(Infinity) as well. 
Infinity=613(Jewish) like the 613 mitzvats...
The Ten Commandments=206 I mean yet another thing that is connected to 2015 too. 

Interesting one of the victims in the Bridgewater shooting born on 5/10....the killer born on 10/8....

They also keep referring to this as a "Targeted Attack". 
Targeted Attack=517(Jewish)
Jarrod Ramos=517(satanic)
Targeted Attack=136

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