Sunday, June 24, 2018

Michael Rapaport stops man trying to Open Plane Emergency Door

This story comes 3 months 3 days after Rapaport's bday. 
Michael Rapaport=156
Thirty Three=156
156th prime is 911...

In the article the kept referring to him as Mr. New York.. Rapaport was born in New York as well. 
He's currently 48 years old. 
New York=39, 48 and also 33(rev red)

Just think about how this happened on a Plane. 
It's funny as the only other things I can think of with Rapaport in them are the film "HIGHER Learning" and "The WAR at HOME". an Airplane? 

In Higher Learning he is the Neo Nazi who kills Tyra Banks. 

He was on the plane with Glen Davis and also Baron Davis which makes sense to the Racial stuff. 
Glen Davis finished his career with the Clippers and Baron Davis was one of the main guys who called out Donald Sterling for Racism. Remember he hated Sterling because of it even before Sterling was kicked out of the NBA. 
Big Baby=42
Baron Davis=42

The plane was going from Houston to LA.....
This sticks out because of the Chris Paul riddle and last year. 
Paul leaving LA to go to Houston....then the Astros played the Dodgers in the World Series. 


  1. The first episode of The War At Home aired on 9/11 in 2005. There were 44 episodes. Higher Learning came out on 1/11 in '95.

    1. I've been seeing a Rappaport theme lately. Remember, he was in "The Basketball Diaries" it also took place in New York