Tuesday, June 19, 2018

XXXTentacion's missing Face Tattoos in the video footage of his death

They are really messing with people's heads on this story. It's like the new Pizzagate with David Seaman and Anthony Weiner....or like the Bridgewater Shooting where they showed one of the pictures of the shooter as a white guy, but then said he was black...or the Alton Sterling shooting where they bring in a second camera that points right where the 1st camera was, but it's not there...
This XXX guy claims he's gonna get SACRIFICED and then he supposedly dies and it gets the whole conspiracy crowd going and arguing about the illuminati. It's all planned out, but I wish I could figure out the true purpose of why the make it so obvious sometimes....or why they want people to see through the story.

So anyway I've seen a bunch of people point out that XXX has a stopwatch looking tattoo on his face, yet in the video footage of him dying it's not there. I at first thought it may be photoshopped but I finally found a video where he really does have at least A Tattoo on his face there.  

The video was put on Youtube on 3/18 so it was well before he died. 

Here's a picture of the footage of his death. Some people are saying it's just the lighting which really makes no sense to me...but again it's part of why this is put in front of us this way. To make people argue....If you go slow it doesn't even look like he has the Tree tattoo on the middle of his forehead in a different pic...or even the heart looking tattoo by his eye. 
Video Footage of his death
Go watch this video and notice how many times they skip to a different scene. One time they are filming him with the doors open, then all the sudden the doors are closed, then the doors opened again and he's sitting inside the car instead of his head almost hanging out the window. It just seems fishy. 

Moral of the story is that I'm not arguing whether this is real or fake or whatever....but I'm saying it's all planned this way to confuse people. 


  1. you fucking crazy xxx is a liveeeee

  2. but guys lil pump cried abt x that means he really dead

  3. Guys X is dead stop jerking off about it

  4. You need to shut the fuck up all of you x is dead I looked through all the videos and all the reversed songs it is all fake y'all need to know he is dead how do I know I am a big x fan just believe me he is dead the greatest rapper that we all loved ain't coming back

    1. are you stupid buddy? look at his ears in the car compared to his ears in a side angel picture of him, they're shaped totally different, it's strange as fuck, someone's ears just change because they die? yeah okay buddy & the clock tattoo is a perfect question, it's a FRESH all black tattoo PURE DARK black that you can't see? oya makes sense ay, his alone tattoo above his eyebrow also doesn't have the two lines right underneath it where it's supposed to go right over to his hairline near his cheekbone, you're blind if you don't notice it, plus ski claim's he used a white 6"1 cole bennet to play the role of jah who is 5'6 in ski mask's la la tune,there's spot's where x is all over the music video, get to bed bud, i've been listening to x since his soundcloud day's, i'm literally an og fan & even i think he pulled some genius shit over all these sheep's eyes who didn't even know him before his death,the question's are worth to be debated because there's lots of crazy stuff going around, regardless if he is out there trying to restart life with all his money he made after the fact of what happen since he blew up after the fact even more he still deserves to rest in peace and 100% long live jahs incredible versatile ability to change his music for fans that were fucking hating on him, dumb ass.

  5. yea he have no tatto on his face he is alive