Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Trump Cancels Eagles visit to White House on Civil Rights Day-Death of 49ers Dwight Clark in Montana-Joe Montana

This story comes 4 months 1 day(end date) after the Super Bowl. 
Super Bowl=41
Remember the Eagles won with 41 points. 

Think about how it's Super Bowl 52 as well. 
President=52(rev red)
This story comes 255 days after Trump called out the NFL for kneeling as well. 
Super Bowl Fifty Two=255

We also got the story of the death of San Francisco 49er Dwight Clark today. 
Think about how the 49ers are connected to Kaepernick and the Kneeling during the national anthem. 
Dwight Clark=64(rev red)
He dies on 6/4. 

Notice it says he's 6 foot 4 inches as well. 

Of course this story is connected to Civil Rights..
Civil Rights=64
Civil Rights Act passed in 64' 
Passed by "Lyndon B. Johnson"=64 and dies age 64. 

Clark dies 147 days after his bday. 
National Anthem=147

He dies of "ALS"...which reminds me of Stephen Hawking...
The Catch=32(Clark famous for)
Eagles=32(rev red)
32nd prime number is 131. 
Super Bowl=131

Also think about Dwight Clark in regards to his famous "The Catch" when the 49ers beat the Cowboys. 
Tom Brady was at that game when he was 4 years old. He just lost to the Eagles in the Super Bowl. 
Tom Brady cried because he couldn't see from all the people STANDING. 

Clark dies age 61 and it's also 61 days before Tom Brady's 41st bday. 

He dies in Montana....lol and famous for playing with Joe Montana. 

Joe Montana is from New EAGLE, Pennsylvania. 

The 49ers even established 72 years ago on June 4th. 
Think about the Gay Cake story earlier today...the ruling was 7-2 on 6/4. Civil Rights Act passed on 7-2-64. 
Forty Niners=64
Remember too that they play in Levi's Stadium..
Moses in the Tribe of Levi...Moses Freed the Slaves....Lincoln Freed the Slaves....
Montana played for the 49ers and then the Chiefs who play in the Sea of Red...
Moses parted the RED Sea. 
Think about the number 49 as well. 
Black Panthers=49
I talked about all of this before Super Bowl 50 with the Black Panther vs the White Bronco. The Panthers established in the San Francisco Bay by Huey P. Newton...then we had Cam Newton in the Super Bowl. 
San Francisco=50 and they hosted Super Bowl 50. 

2015 was also the year of Pope Francis' visit to the White House on 9/23 at 9:23am and him arriving in America on his 923rd day as Pope. 9/23 this year is when we got the story of Trump calling out the NFL for Kneeling....Remember in 2015 the Pope finished his trip in Philadelphia on the Jesuit anniversary just before the 4th blood moon of the tetrad as well. 


  1. Dan, I've been following you're blog and Yt channel for awhile. Just want to say thanks and that you make great connections with this puzzle box.

  2. Don’t forget Lincoln’s connection to Gettysburg. Which is in pa. He gave his famous four score speech there. “Four score” could relate to a sport game of some sort, too.