Monday, June 11, 2018

Death of Fleetwood Mac guitarist Danny Kirwan-Rhiannon gave King Arthur Excalibur-Sword in Stone-Glastonbury

Danny Kirwan dies age 68 on 6/8..
He's famous for being in the band Fleetwood Mac that he joined in the year 68'. 
Notice he died in "Brixton, London"=68

Daniel Kirwan=58
Fleetwood Mac=58(rev red)
London England=58(rev red)

I need to do more research into this death as I'm sure it will be connected to something in the future. I just do not know enough about Fleetwood Mac for anything to spark my brain in regards to a theme. I do remember listening to the radio a while back on the way to band practice and the host was telling about Fleetwood Mac. I'm only reminded of this because after reading the Wikipedia of them, it seems that he got his info from Wiki knowing all the different members and the other bands they were in. Also I wouldn't doubt if there is something in regards to Stevie Nicks with this death....
I know in 2015 when talking about Kanye West and Glastonbury I mentioned how Glastonbury is where King Arthur's Excalibur was forged. Stevie Nicks(Fleetwood Mac) have the song "Rhiannon"...Rhiannon who some believe is the (Lady of the Lake) who gave King Arthur Excalibur...the sword he pulled from the stone wasn't the real excalibur. 
Think about Stevie Nicks name as well...Stephanie...Steve....Means CROWN. 

It's funny even noticing this as well as my daughter has been really into watching some Netflix series called "Troll Hunter". In this show a kid becomes the Troll Hunter, but he gets his power from an amulet made by Merlin....He gets his strength by saying something like "The Power of Merlin be mine"...I can't remember what exactly he says but interesting. 

Also with the Triple Crown winner in regards to Horses...and Rihanna the singer being special to Neptune/Poseidon(God of Horses)....I mentioned how the equivalent/parallels to Rhiannon is Epona who is Link's horse in the Zelda 64 game "The Ocarina of Time"  this game you pull the sword from the stone in order to go back and forth through time. 

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