Saturday, June 2, 2018

Stephen means Crown-11.22.63 The Red String of Fate

Today has been a strange day already....Let's start with last night/early morning. My band played a gig in downtown Omaha and it started raining like crazy as we were loading our equipment at the end of the night. anyway I figured I would go across the river to Council Bluffs to get something to eat before I drove home as it was about 2:30 am and the mexican place Juventinos is open at that time still. As I was driving down the main strip in CB all the sudden the road was completely covered with water...It was so high that the battery light came on and the power steering went out in my car. I finally got through it and the car started workingagain....but it's just funny with how I've been talking about "FLOOD" symbolism and that randomly happened. It's never happened to me in my life either...I couldn't see it coming as there were cars in front of me otherwise I wouldn't have drove through it. 

So I got home and went to bed, but had to get up early to watch the kids as Jasmine had to work at 11. I took the kids up to my parents because I thought my nephew was still there and Claire could play with him. He was gone so we came back home, but on the way I saw one of my co-workers walking down the sidewalk. I waved and didn't think much of it until I got home and got this notification from Facebook about her. It doesn't make sense why I would get this notification as it's just her comment on a post about a kids light up shoes. I didn't "like", "comment" or anything on the post, so I'm not sure why Facebook would tell me that she commented on the post? The person she commented on though is interesting as their last name is "Stephens"....In my last few posts I mentioned "Stephen"...Stephen Curry, Stephen Curry, Stephen King and so on...
I'm sure there is a reason I got this notification that I'm supposed to see...
I noticed "Holli"=231(satanic).....231 the big number with Ralphie May and my Fat Comedians video. That's why Roseanne the Fat Comedian got canceled after the 231st episode. Holli's bday is 12/4 which is the biggest number in regards to Fat Comedians. Remember Ralphie May even died 1 month 24 days after I made the video about Fat comedians dying by 124. I wonder if we are going to get the death of another famous fat comedian soon? 

I'm also trying to watch 11.22.63 today as I know it's important. I've read the book years ago, but the tv show I think might be even more telling....Look at this though...right away in the opening sequence it's all about the RED String that is connected to all things. Just like in the TV Show Touch where the kid talks about the Red String of Fate in which the Gods tied to everyone's ankle. He can see the mathematics/signs symbolism behind the String and make people's lives "Touch" at the right moment. Of course there is the Red String of Kabbalah too. 
Of course it all stems back to "Time"..
Holli=25(rev red)..also 107(Jewish)
Time=25(rev red)
Remember JFK died 144 days after meeting the Pope...Trump me the Pope on the 144th day....1,440 minutes in a Day....Time Travel all about 88 which is 4 circles made of 360 degrees...4X360=1440
Trump=25, 88

Just thinking here....
Red String=51, 114....
In my post about "Stephen"... it was a lot to do with King symbolism and "Lebron James"=51, 114. 
The game went to OT 107-107...
114 a big number in regards to World War/Kim Jong Un...

haha wow the very beginning of 11.22.63 is this guy talking about Halloween night.....this is interesting as Halloween was something big I documented in regards to Lebron James and Kevin Love. 
Also the TV show is different from the book as he time travels back to 10/21/60 instead of 9/9/58 like in the book. 
Think about how 10/21 is 10 days before Halloween. 
10/21 is also Back to the Future Day in which you have to go 88 mph to travel. 
10 days before being a big thing in regards to politcal assassination....Kim Kardashian born on 10/21 as well and she just went and met with Trump.. 

So I haven't posted this blog post yet as I'm trying to watch 11.22.63, but I'm also taking care of the kids and I'm not getting too far. Anyway I rigged up a blanket so I didn't have to hold the bottle for Zamien and I got on my phone. I went to Facebook and this is the first video that was on my feed. It's about a guy named "STEVEN" saying dumb pick up lines..

If you look up the name Steven/Stephen you find out that it goes back to Saint Stephen who is the first martyr of the christian church. Look at what the name means though....It means "Crown". 

Thinking back on a lot of what I have documented this year...The death of STEPHEN Hawking....Also the Austin Bomber that was connected to Stone Cold Steve Austin...Austin named after Stephen Austin. 
Old Post on 11.22.63 TV Series being released

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