Thursday, June 28, 2018

Rare Video shows FDR Walking-some thoughts on the number 92-Clint Eastwood is 88 years old-Back to the Future

Funny how not that long ago I talked about FDR not standing during the National Anthem. Now a top story on CNN is about Rare Footage of FDR Walking. 
Notice the footage came from the 112th day of 1935. 

92 has been important in the last few days....
Thinking about FDR too...WWII came to an End on 9/2. 
9/2 is also the day Marty Mcfly arrives in 1885. I only mention this as the Cubs were important to both World War and Back to the Future. 
Clint Eastwood(Marty Mcfly) is 88 years old this year...
Trump=88....88mph for time travel...
Eastwood from San Francisco and when Marty goes back to 1985 he comes across the bridge that looks like the Golden Gate Bridge. 
Then the Delorean is destroyed by the Train and Doc comes back in the Train Time Machine. 
Eastwood also directed/produced/starred in "The Bridges of Madison County" with Kathleen KENNEDY. 

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