Saturday, June 2, 2018

James Franco in 11.22.63 also The Interview-US North Korea Peace Summit in connection to JFK assassination

I'm sitting here and something just came to my head in regards to 11.22.63....
The TV series stars James Franco...
Remember James Franco is also in the film "The Interview" in which he goes to North Korea to kill Kim Jong Un. He succeeds at the end by blowing up Kim's helicopter. 
Trump saying he was Batman in the Helicopter at the Iowa State Fair comes to mind....
Also remember all the controversy over "The Interview" being released? They had to edit the film for North Korea, because they threatened action over it. 
Think about Seth Rogen being a "FAT Comedian" too. All the pieces are fitting together. 
Franco's bday is 1 month 24 days before 6/12...Also a span of 1 month 25 days...
124 the number on Fat Comedians. 
North Korea=125
Kim Jong-Un=42, 48(rev red)
James Franco=42
Seth Rogen=48
The Interview=68=Donald John Trump

June 12th to the anniversary of Kennedy being killed is 5 months 10 days. 
It will be the 55th anniversary this year..."North Korea"=55
Peace Summit=510
The original date they planned the summit was on 5/10. 
Kim's brother murdered in Malaysia and his bday of 5/10. 
Moon Jae-In became South Korean president on 5/10. 
June 12th the 163rd day of the year and it's 163 days before the anniversary of JFK's assasination. 
Better Yet...
John Kennedy=510(satanic)
John Kennedy=53, 125
North Korea=53, 125

Possibly nothing but the place where the Summit might take place is the Capella hotel....look at the address..."The Knolls". 
Reminds me of the Grassy Knoll. 
Also all of the "Stephen" stuff sticks out because Stephen Austin is the Father of Texas. 
Think of all the Texas stories we have got in the past year...Even connects to George Bush...

Think about the plane crash in Honduras not too long ago as well that left from Austin, Texas. The main story was that the PRESIDENT of EZCorp was on board and survived. 
It also reminds me of Michigan being the championship this year and they brought back the AUSTIN Hatch story of being in 2 plane crashes. 

Lee HARVEY Oswald is interesting in regards to Texas as well. 
Lee Oswald=411(satanic) also 48(rev red)

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