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Synchronicity at Work with Chicago Cubs-Speak of the Devil-Grover Cleveland-624 symbolism with Freemasonry and Curse of the Billy Goat-Jehovah's Witness at my door today

Looking through my phone pictures I forgot to document this from around a week ago. I had just documented a bunch about the Chicago Cubs and the next day at work I was stocking the cooler and I noticed we have "Chicago Cub" Aquafina waters now. Iowa doesn't have a mlb team so I guess it's fitting for the team to be the Cubs or the Twins as they are the closest teams, but still...
Chicago, Illinois=328(Jewish) and 145
Bottled Water=46, 145

Last night at work however I found a few interesting things. 

There's a young kid I work with who is very smart, he just turned 16 about a month ago. Anyway I've recently been trying to show him some stuff about Gematria although he's somewhat skeptical..I had him interested a bit last night. 
Anyway he was asking me what the number "45" meant as Trump was the 45th president. I told him well actually the 44th person but the 45 president...then I told him about Grover Cleveland's 2 non consecutive terms. I told him how "Geometry"=45 and Gematria is the  Geometry in Language. He even made a skeptical joke about Euclid and I explained that "Euclid"=108 and Geometry in the other form equals 108...Then told him about the Sun and the Moon and the Cubs breaking the 108 year Curse. It also had a lot to do with the number "45" as they were cursed in the year 45'. 

It then got busy and I coudn't finish the rest but this is what I was going to tell him...
Sports Flash=45
The Cubs won the 4th and 5th World Series before winning in 2016. 
Major League=45, 108
108 double stitches on a baseball.
Forty Five=45
Valentines the 45th day...

Grover CLEVELAND died 108 days before the World Series began in 1908 which was the last time the Cubs won the world series. The Cubs then went on to beat Cleveland in the World Series. Just after the Cleveland Cavaliers won the first sports championship for Cleveland in 51 years that was synced up to Donald Trump and the death of "Prince". ....
The 45th prime number is 197. 
Mike Pence=45, 45(rev red) and born on the same day as Prince. 
Trump announced his "win" of the election on Melania's bday in 2016 which was 197 days before they announced he won the election on the anniversary of the "Berlin Wall"=45 coming down. 

Better yet I now see that the kids name also equals "45".(Austin Grant).  
Also "Holy Bible"=45 and 45(rev red)
King James bible came out in 1611 the year he turned 45 years old. 

Anyway moral of the story I see Grover Cleveland died on 6/24 and his real name is "Stephen".....which means "Crown". I documented about his name a long time ago too, but I just recently learned about the "Crown" meaning. 
Also I was thinking about the death of "The Old Man" on Pawns Stars while at work last night. I thought there has to be something going on with the 23rd president Benjamin Harrison as the Pawn Stars guys name was Richard Benjamin Harrison. 
Of course Benjamin Harrison was the president who served in between Grover Cleveland's 2 non consecutive terms. 
Cleveland won the Popular vote but Harrison won the Electoral vote winning the election....the main issue in the election was about Tariffs too.....just think about that in regards to Trump lol. 

I even told the kid I work with last night how his relative William Henry Harrison was the 9th president and first to die in office. 
Remember too that Harrison's are the 9th and 23rd presidents. 
Oddly enough I live and work in Harrison, County Iowa too. 
Harrison=612(sumerian) also 114(reverse)
Just documenting this because "World War"=114...
The courthouse always stands out to me because they have swastika's on the floor design. 

Another thing that I just discovered in regards to 624...
The Cubs beat the Detroit Tigers in 1908. 
They got cursed against the Detroit Tigers in 1945.
Rocky Colavito traded to Detroit(Indians Curse)..also born on 10/8(Aug. 10th). 
Detroit Tigers=624(satanic)
Rocky Colavito=624(satanic)
Remember "Lou Boudreau"=45 was the best player and the coach of the Indians when the won in 1948. He died on 10/8(Aug 10th). He also died in 2001(1 months 1 days before 9/11 in the 11th state and so on). He coached the Cubs in 1960 which was the year of the Curse of Rocky Colavito that happened on the 108th day of 1960. Herbert Hoover also born on 10/8. 
A big piece to the Cubs winning was also that Aroldis Chapman was born on the same day as Harvey Keunn died 2/28/1988...who was traded for Rocky Colavito. 
Pittsburgh Pirates=228(Cubs tie 114)
Same day Cubs tied the Pirates the Indians vs Tigers game was postponed. 
Cubs got Chapman 112 days after their first game. 
The Indians beat Detroit 112 days before the 112th WS with a score of 1-12. 
Indians also beat Detroit on the 112th day of the year as well which was Terry Francona's bday. 
Aroldis Chapman=624(satanic)
Haha I didn't know reverse gematria at the time either, but Chapman traded on the 206th day to the Cubs. "Chicago Cubs"=206(reverse)
Cuba=206(Jewish)...Chapman is Cuban. 
Traded to the Cubs 4 months 5 days after Obama arrived in Cuba. 
Chapman traded 148 days after his bday...
Cleveland Indians=148
Damn it just may all be for the Cleveland Indians this year...or possibly Rocky Colavito is biting the dust...There was a lot of Rocky Symbolism earlier this year too...especially with the Eagles winning the Super Bowl. Or possibly we could get Indians vs Cubs again? There's something super connected to what I am documenting regardless...
The Indians haven't won since the 45th World Series in 48'. 
This year would be 70 years since they won..
I still think it's for the Cubs vs Red Sox or Yankees....Chapman even back to the Yankees....Chapman originally played for the Reds. Always more to learn as time goes on though. 
Curse of Rocky Colavito on 4/17 the same day my uncle and Barbara Bush died too. 
Harvey Kuenn died age 57 and played 57 games for the Cubs in his career. "World Series"=57. 

Also remember the Cubs lost in 2015 on Back to the Future day...Then made the World Series after beating the Dodgers on the anniversary of the Billy Sianis dying(10/22/16) which is also Christopher Lloyd and Ichiro's bday. I almost forgot that the Cubs won the 112th world series in game 7 that began on 11/2, but it was 1 year 12 days after Back to the Future Day...
Back to the Future II is 108 minutes long. 

Also I've mentioned all the 114 around the Cubs and the connection to the Cincinnati Reds....The Cubs just got swept by the Reds on 6/24. Also noteworthy that the Indians played the Tigers that day. 
Also the Twins playing the Rangers I feel like is showing me that I'm supposed to pay attention to this day(see previous posts from last season). 

Also Modern Freemasonry began on 6/24 in the year 1717. Notice it's rival lodge created on 7/17 too. 
Remember a practice in Freemasonry is Riding the Goat. 

Freemasons claim this isn't a practice and it's just a joke, so I guess we don't know "for sure", but regardless.... it's been popularized for people to believe so there's something to it. 
Remember how 6/24 was symbolically important to Prince Charles as well....His bday 7 months 17 days before Diana's who was born on 7/1...Camilla born on 7/17....The House of Windsor established on 7/17/17 and so on...
The Hebrew letters of Yahweh look like a "717"..
God=17=El=Ra and so on..
Also noteworthy....Lou Boudreau was born on 7/17/17. 
In "I Pet Goat II" Obama starts laughing at 1:08....he's politically out of Illinois. The film starts with the baseball lights at night and the Goat pops his head out. 

Earlier when I started this blog post I heard someone knock at the door. It was a Jehovah's witness. I let her talk for a few minutes and she gave me a pamphlet. Zamien was crying and I had to go back in, but I was gonna teach her about gematria when she was done with her stuff. Anyway it made me re-look up the Jehovah's Witnesses. 

Supposedly the guy who started it wasn't a freemason yet after he died they put a pyramid statue next to his grave. 
Notice he dies age 64....think about it...Zions Watchtower...
Israel=64 and so on..
Anyway the main point I wanted to make on this guy is his name gematria in regards to what I was documenting before this lady knocked on my door. 
Charles Russell=206(reverse)
Chicago Cubs=206(reverse)

He died 108 days before his bday too. 
His bday 16/2..
Major League Baseball=162=MLB=Baseball
162 regular season games...
3 months 16 days also stands out with Jesus and John 3:16 and so on...

Also last night at work we were talking about an old co-worker who is splitting up with her husband. I only brought it up cause I saw on Facebook another old co-worker that hangs out with her,  and works at a different job with her now... had changed her name on Facebook. She changed it back to her maiden name and I wondered if she was split up as well. Anyway as I was talking about it, the phone rang and of course it was my old co-worker ordering a pizza. I then said, "well speak of the devil". 
I'm only posting this because the saying is interesting in regards to synchronicty and I never really thought about the meaning behind it until last night. 
Speak of the Devil=158 also 923(eng ext)

Random thing at the end of this post, but tomorrow 6/27 will be Trump's 523rd day as president. 
Donald Trump=523(satanic)
Wonder what we will see tomorrow if anything? 

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  1. I was wondering if the name Harrison would be coming up soon. Remember with the "Star Wars" theme, and the new Star Wars movie (Solo) that just came out; the original actor to play Han Solo was "Harrison Ford" which is funny because I think you've brought up Henry Ford a couple times recently as well.