Friday, June 22, 2018

Dedrick Williams said to be XXXTentacion's killer-Cleopatra-No Pulse Song reminding us of Pulse Nightclub

Dedrick Williams=253
As Derek pointed out that is the 22nd Triangular number. 
He was 22 years old. 
22nd prime is 79. 
Notice we was born on the 83rd day of the year in 96'. 
Murder=79, 83(rev red)

Williams and XXX's bdays also 8 weeks 3 day apart. 
Notice it's 59 days too.  We know what 59 means to black people. 

He also has a Facebook account in which he goes by Chucky Williams. 
Chucky Williams=83(rev red) also 169
6/18 the 169th day. 

He was arrested 4 months 6 days after Stoneman Douglas shooting on 20/6. 
Sacrifice=46, 206(Jewish)
The big thing was XXX saying he might be a sacrifice. 

There's also a riddle with XXX's mother. 
Her name is Cleopatra Bernard....
Remember with the Austin bomber was Mark Anthony Conditt there was a connection to Marc Anthony who is Cleopatra's husband. 
Dedrick Williams=152
Deerfield Beach Florida=152
Cleopatra=152(rev red)

Marc Anthony was born in 83BC....also on 1/14 which sticks out with the Cubs riddle. He died on 8/1....the number connected Bridges....
Cleopatra the mother of Caesarion=510 who was the last pharaoh of Egypt. He died age "17"...Interesting his mother was Cleopatra VII(7th)...
7th prime is 17. 
God=17=El=Ra and so on...

Another interesting thing is that a bunch of people are saying he faked his death to put out his third album called "No Pulse". Then in the video they are checking his Pulse and and witnesses say he has no Pulse.....
This is just absolute mocking at it's best....
Think about how the PULSE Nightclub shooting was connected to the Stoneman Douglas shooting....
Pulse Nightclub shooting happened on 6/12 exactly 612 days before Stoneman Douglas. 
The SD shooting lasted 6 minutes and he shot up Building 12. 
No Pulse=612(sum)
Orlando Strong=612
Columbine High School=612
Dunblane Massacre=612

Marjory Stoneman Douglas died in Minneapolis where Super Bowl 52 was played....the 612 area code. 
The last time the Eagles and Patriots played before SB 52 was on 6/12(December 6th 2015). 
Six Hundred Twelve=213

I don't mean to keep covering this story, but it really has a lot of connections to many big events....It happening on 6/18 too makes me think about the date of 9/19....Since 2015 I have been saying 9/19 is a day to watch out for...possibly this is the year? It had a bunch of connections to Nancy Reagan's death and also Queen Elizabeth II....I've also documented about it in the last few months as it was the day of the first video I ever got a copyright claim on in 2014. 
Nancy Reagan=618(sum) and 618(Jewish)
Six Hundred Eighteen=199 and 919(Jewish)
19/9 or 9/19....
Her bday was also 7/6 which is Valentines in Eastern Orthodox...also George W. Bush's bday.....think about his dad being born on 6/12 as well. 
I can't stop thinking about I Pet Goat and Bush reading My Pet Goat to children in Florida on 9/11. 

Some other random thoughts in regards to XXX that don't necessarily mean anthing but just brainstorming... 
Thinking about the Big Lebowski and bowling....
3 Strikes in a row is called a "Turkey" which reminds of Thanksgiving..
The Vin Diesel/Ice Cube films stick out as well and possibly have some clues...
10 10 10....the big number in regards to Political assassination....

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