Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Steve King won't delete retweet of Nazi Sympathizer's message-Iowa-Stock Market-World War

I've documented about Steve King a few times in the last couple of weeks...Now here he is in controversy in the mainstream media. 

This comes 29 days after his bday....the guy from Iowa the 29th state. 
The tweet was actually on 6/12 so hilarious they are just now making this a story. Plus 6/12 that important date. 
Iowa is really important to this year as we are in the 88th anniversary of the stock market crash with the only president from Iowa....Herbert Hoover(HH88)..
Stock Market Crash happened on the 29th day of October in the year 29'. 
Remember King was in the news in June 2016 as well in regards to not wanting Harriet Tubman on the 20 dollar bill.
Andrew Jackson became president in the year 29'. 
Harriet Tubman=60=Nigger
Andrew Jackson=138=Donald Trump=Ku Klux Klan
Andrew Jackson=48=Donald Trump=Iowa
Harriet Tubman $20 Bill-Steve King-Andrew Jackson-Boy ate by the alligator
King was also really important to the boy ate by the alligator at Disney Land that was connected to where I live and the number 114. Also to the Indians being in the World Series. 

Racist Tweet=528(satanic)
His bday 5/28. 
Although it wasn't necessarily a racist tweet, but something similar. 
Steven Arnold King=190
Nazi=190(satanic) and 50
Steve King=50(rev red)

Mark Collett=40
Steve King=40

It's funny how Steve King always wins around here too. It seems to me almost everyone I know hates him, yet he always gets re-elected. 

Also his middle name being "Arnold" reminds me of Roseanne's Tweet.....she was married to Tom Arnold who is from Iowa. 

Also a long time ago I mentioned the connection to Denison, Iowa with JFK. I also mentioned how Donna Reed was from Denison, Iowa. There's even the Donna Reed Theater and what not....but I didn't notice she died on 1/14....the number synced to the Cubs lol. 
Always something I previously missed that makes it even more obvious to what I was saying...
Her real name was "Donna Mullenger"=155, 223(reverse)
Kevin Costner=155 
And so on...
Curse of the Billy Goat=223
The Star Spangled Banner=223=Kaepernick=War of Eighteen Twelve
Hoover the president during the Stock Market Crash and signed The Star Spangled Banner into congress as the official national anthem. 
Nazi's of course remind of WWII....I'm just thinking about how some people say that WWII is the reason the Great Depression came to an end with massive spending and what not. 

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  1. I've written this asshole letters HA! We should write him a coded letter, but put it in your name, if he sees mine, it will probably go straight in the trash.