Friday, June 8, 2018

Ace of Base "The Sign"-Gothenburg, Sweden-Full House Stephanie Tanner

At work today for whatever reason this song came into my head. I don't know if it was playing or if it just randomly came to my head or what...but anyway I started thinking about the lyrics to this's totally about spiritual ascension. Not surprising as there are many songs that are like this, but I just felt like posting it as it gave me a laugh today..The typical person thinks it's about a girl and boy relationship but really look at the lyrics...Also with the Eyeball and the Ankh is even more of a giveaway. 

It wouldn't surprise me if we got the death of one of the members of this band considering all the Card references with Trump....Kate Spade...the King/Queen symbolism...Jack Kennedy....

Funnier yet as I'm looking at their discography I see they have an album called "The Golden Ratio"....also the 2nd Album is called "The Bridge". 

Notice The Bridge came out on 11/7...

Also while I'm thinking about memories, the song "The Sign" always makes me think of Full House when Stephanie covered the song with her band. 
Thinking about the GOLDEN Gate Bridge..Full House set in San Francisco. 
It makes a lot more sense with Uncle Jesse/Hermes being their manager...they won't take the guidance of him and fail at their show. Also how ironic that it reminds me of this considering what I've documented recently about Stephen...Stephanie is the female form of Stephen meaning Crown...
Ace of Base=186(reverse)
It was the 186th episode of Full House. 

Think about Full House in regards to Cards as well. 

Also it's hilarious how random this post came to me and now I'm seeing Ace of Base is from "Gothenburg, Sweden"....Just last night I wrote about Dave Grohl re-enacting his falling off the stage and breaking his leg in Gothenburg, Sweden.

This song came to my head for a reason and it's a "Sign" that I'm supposed to see. 

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