Monday, June 18, 2018

2018 film Hereditary plot around KIng Paimon/Charlie-Death of Zach Randolph's brother-Sacramento KINGS

My girlfriend has been on me to find this movie online so we could watch it. I've never heard of it until the last few weeks nor did I look up what it was about. 
So last night we started watching it, but she fell asleep and then the movie froze up so I figured we would watch it again tonight. 

Once again tonight she fell asleep, but I finished watching it...

The film is all about the girl named "Charlie" who is also a King of Hell named Paimon being Crowned and put into a male body(her brother). Think about that in regards to Queen Elizabeth(female)..Prince Charles(Male). 
I mean once again...what are the odds I've been documenting all of this KING symbolism in regards to Prince CHARLES(Charlie)...this film came out on 6/8 of all days too. 
Prince Charles=68
6/8 is the 159th day and 159 days before Prince Charles bday...
It leaves 206 days in the year. 
Paimon=68 and 190(Jewish)
Charlie Graham=68
King Charles=190, 53, 64(rev red)
King Paimon=64, 53(rev red)

The fact that Charlie in the film is 13 years old is perfect as well. 
13th prime is 41 

King Paimon is also one of the 72 demons in the Lesser Key of Solomon that is used by groups such as the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Magic and rituals are seemingly a big piece to how this world is being controlled/manipulated. 
With all the Crown/King symbolism I keep thinking about Keter which is on the top of the tree of means "Crown". 
Thinking about it too in regards to a previous post about the 72nd episode of American Dad mentioning Kabbalah....Kabbalah has the 72 letter name of God and the 72 names of God. 

Remember the Cavaliers(followers of King Charles) lost the NBA Finals on 6/8 as well....Stephen King..Stephen means Crown. 
It's why we got the death Sacramento KINGS Player Zach Randolph's brother. 
Marion Indiana=68, 85(rev red), 122
Golden State=122
Basketball=85, 68(rev red)

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