Thursday, June 28, 2018

Seattle in the 206 area code-Mariners and Cubs 116 win seasons-9/11 symbolism-Dick Cheney-Scalia-Anthony Kennedy

Was just reading Zach's blog post about a fire in Seattle. 
He mentioned the Seattle Area code being 206. 
Oh man just adding to mystery of what I have been documenting with the Yankees/Mariners/911. 
Remember 6/8 leaves 206 days in the year. 
68 a big important number to 9/11. 
Two Hundred Six=68(rev red)
Also I've been talking about the connection to a possible Earthquake during the World would make sense to have an Earthquake in a place such as Seattle verses the other teams I've documented. 
Their field named "SAFEco" could be part of the mocking as well. 

Safeco Field=510
Plus the Mariners used to play in the KINGdome. Remember all the stuff with King symbolism and King county with Isaiah Thomas...
Also the Trainwreck on the Bridge on 12/18/17 in Dupont.  Dupont means "of the Bridge". 

Just documenting all of this stuff to see how it plays out. I guarantee there will eventually be a piece that puts the different puzzles I am following together....I might not see it until 2019 though lol as that seems to happen a lot. 
The 1918 World Series with the Star Spangled Banner Symbolism fits right in with the 9/11 stuff as it ended on 9/11/1918. 
I still really think it's going to be the Cubs vs the Yankees or Red Sox in the World Series, or possibly a rematch of the Indians vs Cubs. 
Another connection to 9/11 I just noticed with the Mariners...
M's.....M=4, S=1....M's...41

Also "Chicago Cubs"=206
So possibly Cubs are just showing the Mariners or Vice Versa. 
The Cubs are also important to the 9/11 stuff with the Yankees and Mariners as the Mariners got upset with their 116 win season. The 116 win season was a tie with the 1906 Chicago Cubs for most wins in a regular season. The Cubs lost in a same city world series in 1906 to the White Sox. 
Same city reminding us of the Earthquake series....

The Mariners opened the season up against Cleveland and finish the season against the Rangers. 

Another thing I just discovered is that the owner of the Chicago Cubs in 1908 was named "Charles MURPHY". 
So they last won before 2016 with an owner named "Murphy", and they were cursed by a Billy Goat named "Murphy". 
Also the current owners of the Cubs are the Ricketts Family....Joe Ricketts founded TD Ameritrade where the College World Series is played(TD Ameritrade Park). Remember the coach of Coastal Carolina's Football team was a former head of TD Ameritrade too. 
Pete Ricketts also the current governor of Nebraska where TD Ameritrade Park is....

Another thing in regards to 9/11 is that Dick Cheney is from Lincoln, Nebraska. He's currently 77 years old and born in 41'. 
This is perfect for 9/11.....41' was 77 years ago. 
We have Anthony Kennedy resigning reminding us of Antonin Scalia dying which was connected to Dick Cheney's hunting incident. Kennedy is the next Justice gone after Scalia. 
Dick Cheney=522
Cheney's hunting accident was 522 weeks before...Cheney was Quail hunting, and Scalia died after Quail hunting. 


  1. Minnesota just approved a new Enbridge(end bridge?) pipeline in northern Minnesota, right along the Great lakes fault line.
    Enbridge=44 like earthquake.

  2. Whenever I hear or read about a train crash, I think of the movie "Planes, Trains And Automobiles. The was about "2" businessmen trying to get home to CHICAGO for Thanksgiving. The movie was released on the "26th of December 1987, 206/26.
    "Planes, Trains and Automobiles"=101(Full Red.) "101" is the "26th" prime and "206" is "26"

  3. So since the death of Leon White I started looking into "Kings of Leon" which matches "Minneapolis" in 6 of 6 ciphers that I listed. 127 153 170 57 120 and 1020. It also matched "gunviolence" and "assassinate". The band is made up of 3 brothers and a cousin last name of Followill = 116 44 127 231 153 46 114 42. So last year on 5/7 (57) Jared Followill tweeted "hey adults. Let's maybe not watch professional wrestling. Ya know?" And the tweet got 1,007 likes (17). And he got alot of backlash the article said and this other guy named Andy Peck tweeted about it which got 223 people talking about it. So Leon Allen White = 223 rev. Leon (17) Allen (17). Okay so the name Jared = 38 20 97 and death = 38 20 97. Jared Followill= 154 64 224 just like Vincent McMahon= 154 64 224. We know they have been using Wrestling to foreshadow or symbolism in this years events. The Austin Bombings, for example. Last week Vinnie Paul died and they call Vince, Vinnie Mac. Kings of Leon's newests album is called "Walls" 67 32 rev red McMahon = 67 32. Caleb Followill = 816 rev primes and Leon White passed on 6/18. Matthew Followill = 206. Followill = 142 Fran Bacon like 14/2 or Valentine's day. Nathan Followill = 231. So Jared Followill 's Twitter is what really ties all this together. It is called " Young Followill" = 63 like the age of Leon White when he died, also 206,670, 1080 rev sumer, like 108 year curse, 218, the Fl students rallied against gun laws thay day. I just see this band coming back into the news soon. Last, Caleb Followill = 139 like Tupac Shakur = 139. I just see a lot of 44s and 46s, 67, and then the tweet about wrestling, we will be seeing something about them in the news soon.