Saturday, June 16, 2018

Recap of the number 206-Synchroncity I had last night with my mom and the Casino-Native American Theme-Kevin Costner-Earthquake

Trying to Recap some of the 206 I have been seeing lately.
I talked about it in my post about the Cuban plane crash. 
Thomas James Cuban Friend
What's interesting is that he text me last night too(Thursday), and I haven't talked to him in forever. I didn't even has his number saved in my phone it's been so long. 
6/8 leaves 206 days in the year....
Prince Charles Bday is 206 days before 6/8. 
6/8 important to 9/11. 
6 months 24 days is sometimes 206 days. 
My Grandma died 206 days before my Uncle Clancy this year. 

College World Series=206
TD Ameritrade=206
Hillary Clinton=206
Chicago Cubs=206
Ed Lee=206(san francisco mayor)
Fat Comedian=206

I went to the casino with my mom tonight(Friday/Saturday Early) as my dad was out of town in Seattle. She gave me $100 to spend just so I went along. Anyway she won over 1,000 in the first few minutes we were there and I lost 60. As the night went on I kept losing and started using my own money. I was down almost $200 and I decided to go play my last few dollars on a $1 slot machine instead of a nickel one. I ended up winning 192 and being retarded I played it down to around 100. The only reason I played that machine was because it was an EAGLE machine and I figured with how much symbolism with Eagle it might be a good thing lol. I guess not...See below though as it's interesting in regards to Eagles symbolism with the place the casino is located...
Anyway what's interesting is that my moms name...
Ann Behrendt=192(reverse)
Also her maiden name..
Ann Kathleen Murphy=206
She only wanted to go for an hour or so, but after she won we stayed for a long time. I didn't realize it was that late until I looked at the clock in her car when she dropped me off at was of course 2:06am. 
Crazy too as I started this post before I left and figured I would finish when I got back from the Casino but I fell asleep and posting it now. 
What's even stranger to me is that I recently have been documenting about Kevin Costner and the Native American theme that was connected to the Omaha Indians and Chief Yellowsmoke...
The casino I went to is owned by the Omaha people who's last keeper of the sacred pole was Yellowsmoke....the town I live in murdered him in 1868 and so on...then the freemasons saved the town from being wiped out because the Omaha's knew masonic signs and were talked about of killing everyone...
Think about 6/8 leaving 206 days in the year....

The reservation is just outside of Onawa, Iowa...
Onawa, Iowa=612(sum) and 417(satanic)
Remember my uncle died 68 days before 6/24 on 4/17...206 days after my grandma died....both were connected to Eagle/Valentines Day symbolism...
Valentine=612(sum) and 417(satanic)

4/17 the 107th day...
Earthquake=107=Bridge=King Charles=George Bush
and so on...
In regards to earthquakes remember the WWE has put a lot of emphasis on Royal Rumbles this year....It was the first woman Rumble...also the Greatest Royal Rumble in the middle east...
Remember we got the story of Ariya Daivari getting death threats after the greatest royal rumble....Also a memorable thing from WM 34 was Nicholas Cone being chosen out of the audience to wrestle...
Ariya Daivari=206
Nicholas Cone=206
Monday Night Raw=206

Royal Rumble=155(reverse)
Kevin Costner=155
Oakland Athletics=155...Earthquake Series...

Another odd thing is I just got off the phone with a girl talking about her wedding I'm DJing for on 7/7....
She told me that she's would call me back in about an hour....but laughed because she forgot about the time change as she's in Seattle...I'm not sure if she lives there or not...but I do know she lives on the west coast and is coming back to have a wedding in Iowa where she's originally from....just crazy the only reason I went to the casino with my mom is because my dad is in Seattle.
The girls name in gematria is 155 in reverse as well. 

The 206th day is 7/25....
Also June 20th is 20/6....

I'm gonna try and make a bunch of blog posts, but tonight and tomorrow are the only days I think I'll have the opportunity to make any videos...if is get the girlfriend is taking classes to be a CNA right now and I have had a zero sleep having to take care of the kids and working. Only a few more weeks and I'll have a lot more time I hope. Getting up at 5am is about killing me considering I'm usually up to at least 2 or 3am. 


    Trump Foundation makes me think of earthquakes.
    Trump Foundation=81

    Also, another 206 for you, House of Hanover=206.