Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Rapper XXXTentacion shot Dead in Florida-Stoneman Douglas Tribute-Jesus Coding-Chicago Cubs 2016 win

It says on his wikipedia how on 1/22 he dropped a freestyle of the song KINGS Dead.....remember this song was important to the NBA Finals this year with Lebron King James losing. 
Golden State=122
The NBA Finals began on the 151st day of the year. 
This guys whole death is seemingly connected to Jesus..
Jesus Christ=43, 151, 146(reverse)...316(Hebrew)
XXXtentacion dies 146 days after his bday. 
He released his lastest album "?" on 3/16. 

His last album came out on 16/3...
Question Mark=163
163 is the 38th prime number. 

Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy=216

Robbery=510(sum), 624(rev sum)

He also wrote a song called "Hope" about Stoneman Douglas so I know he was synced to that...

He dies 4 months 4 days after Stoneman Douglas Shooting. 
Valentines Day=151

His debut album titled "17" came out 173 days before the Stoneman Douglas Shooting. Also 151 days before his 20th bday. 
Remember all the "17" that was in the Stoneman Douglas shooting? 

17 dead, 17 injured...leaving school for 17 minutes...17 year old David Hogg... Cruz was charged with 17 counts of first degree murder and 17 counts of attempted murder. Joaquin Oliver was one of the 17 victims who was 17 years old and they buried him fast on the 17th of February in a Dwayne Wade jersey...Wade born on the 17th day of the year.."NBA"=17....The Cubs open up the season against Miami and in the 2nd game go 17 innings in a tribute game to SD...The 17 year old survivor throws the first pitch...17 seconds of silence..Game was scoreless until # 17 Kris Bryant hit a HR...game won in the 17th because Rojas HR that was 1 months 7 days after his bday. 
173 the 40th prime number. 
David Hogg=40(Rev red)...born on 102nd day(non leap)(Valentine=102)
XXXtentacion died from a "Robbery"=40
Notice his Debut album also came out 9 months 24 days before he died...
Nikolas Cruz born on 9/24 and so on...

The 3rd single off his album "17" is called "Fuck Love" and it came out on his bday 1/23/18...
Think about that in regards to the Valentines Day Massacre....also note it was featuring Trippie Redd who was born on 6/18...So XXXtentacion dies on Trippie Redd's 19th bday..
Trippie Redd=173(reverse)...the 40th prime...

The other singles on the Album "17" were Revenge and Jocelyn Flores...
Notice Revenge is dedicated to Jocelyn Flores as well. 
It was his friend who committed suicide on 5/14/17....

If you look up the Obituary it says May 13th on a bunch of them so I'm not absolutely sure on the date she died....All of the obituaries that say May 13th however say the services are held by the "Berry McGreevy Funeral Home"...if you go to the Berry McGreevey website it says May 14th.....Regardless if it's wrong Wikipedia does that all the time because they are showing us a clue...so think about May 14th......
May 14th a perfect day in regards to Stoneman Douglas...5/14 is the day Marjory Stoneman Douglas died age 108....
Chicago Illinois=145....14/5..
108 year curse...108 double stitches and so on..
Jocelyn Flores=159...notice the song is 1:59 in length. 

Jocelyn Flores died 1 year 1 month 4 days before XXXtentacion..
114th World Series....114 the big number I said was connected to the Cubs in 2016...Cubs super connected to Stoneman Douglas..
The film I Pet Goat II once again is all about the Valentines Day symbolism...has Obama Sweating then the opening of the Pink Lotus Flower....Obama out of Illinois...the film begins with the baseball lights and the Goat(curse of the Billy Goat)....it's then seemingly all about the return of Jesus....so it seems fitting for this guy to be synced up to Valentines and Jesus. 

Jocelyn Amparo Flores=88, 223
Curse of the Billy Goat=88, 223
She died 6 months 12 days after the Cubs won the WS. 
Valentine=612...Pulse shooting on 6/12 was 612 days before Stoneman shooting and so on...

Her bday of 7/2 also sticks out...
Bad Vibes Forever=72
Stoneman Douglas=72
David Miles Hogg=72
Garettes Revenge=72
Jahseh Onfroy=72
Seventy Two=612(rev sum)

The mixtape before his first debut album "17" was called "Revenge"....
Notice the tracks on it....."Valentine"...."King"..."Slipknot"...
Think about Slipknot...Gematria the Killing Name...

Cubs game postponed today as well leaving them on 40 wins. 
Today is 4 months 5 days before the World Series begins....
Curse of the Billy goat in 45'
Valentines the 45th day of the year. 

Chicago Cubs=46

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  1. He foreshadowed this back in February after the Parkland Shooting