Thursday, June 14, 2018

Missing person Jason Jolkowski on Facebook

I was looking at Facebook and I saw this story posted on my feed. I remember this story because it was just before my first year of college at Iowa Western. I was in the radio program and this story was put on air to help find him. Also there were flyers up about him being missing. He was also in the radio program at Iowa Western at the time of his disappearance. 

Jason Anthony Jolkowski=83
Benson High School=83
J=1 J=1.....JJ...11
He went missing 11 days before his bday. 
Jason Jolkowski=67
He went missing age 19....19th prime is 67. 
Blood Sacrifice=67

Look at his bday though...I swear I was supposed to see that while being attracted to this story...
6/24...the big number I keep mentioning..
High school=624(sumerian)
Also born in 81'....the big bridge number. 

What else is that this story happened just before 9/11..2001..
Remember the day before 9/11/2001 in BeeBeetown, Iowa I saw a UFO at highway F66....666. Much more to the story, but the next day we woke up to 9/11 and George Bush came to Offut Air Force base. 
 If it is connected it's interesting as the first post I mentioned my Uncle Clancy in was a post about BeeBeetown, Iowa and the number 1114 which is a lot like Prince Charles' bday of 11/14. June 24th is seemingly important to Charles and Pope Francis...
June 13th is important as it's the King Charles I married Henrietta Maria of France. 
I just discovered that "Sacrifice"=206(Jewish)
Just documenting as 206 is interrelated to the 624 stuff. 

He was even wearing a Chicago Cubs shirt when he disappeared. 
Chicago Cubs=206(reverse)

He also went missing 90 days before 9/11. 

Offutt Air Force Base=107(rev red)
George Bush=107
King Charles=107

Clancy died the same day as Barbara Bush that was connected to 9/11. 
613 is the 112th prime.....1-1-2 the emergency dialing code in most parts of the world. 

Weird I was looking at the list of notable people that went to his high school and the only actor it listed was Nick Nolte. I had no idea he was from Omaha even so I clicked on him....of course his middle name is "KING". 

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  1. I didn't know the UFO you saw was the day before 9/11. A lot of things were happening in my life in the 2 months leading up to 9/11, huge changes in consciousness and awareness.
    When I look back at those events, they were all coded by the same numbers I now teach about. I think we should chat again sometime soon, I believe the knowledge I've grown into might help you gain more understanding.