Friday, June 1, 2018

Lebron Scores 51 in Cavs lost to Warriors in Game 1-King Symbolism-Stephen King It-Cavaliers Halloween Costumes-Wrestling connections

I only watched pieces of this game but it was hilarious. 
The Cavs should have got another shot off before regulation, but JR Smith went back to Jr. High basketball. He forgot the score and dribbled the ball out as the time ran out so they couldn't get another shot. 
I mean how does this even happen in the NBA Finals? 

When the game got away in OT, Lebron and Curry started talking trash. Then Tristan Thompson #13 gets ejected from the game...
13 a big number on the whole playoffs if you recall. 
Also the score of 114 points to 122. 
Lebron James=114
Golden State=122

Lebron James also scored 51 points tonight. 
Lebron James=51
Cleveland Cavs=51
Quicken Loans=51
In 2016 they won a sports championship for Cleveland for the first time in 51 years.

It's also interesting how this game went to OT, just like game 1 of 2015 that I have said lots has been connected to. 
The score this time was 107-107. 
Think of how much I have talked about Earthquake symbolism. 
Also a Cavalier being a follower of King Charles during the English Civil War. 
King Charles=107

Think about Tristan Thompson being # 13...
King=41...The 13th prime number. 
This is Lebron's 13th playoffs. 
Remember Lebron called Trump, "U Bum"=51 on 9/23 the day we got the story of Trump calling out the NFL. In 2016 the Cavs visited the White House the same day as Trump....November 10th...the day that leaves 51 days in the year. Trump has his national convention in Cleveland just after the Cavs won the finals and so on...Lebron was Jerome from the show "Lawrence" for Halloween just before that....Lawrence is about a fictional TV station on Channel 51...Lawrence's final episode aired on 5/1...Martin Lawrence was 51 years old when the Cavs won...
The Cavs won a sports championship for Cleveland for the first time in 51 years 5 months 23 days.....
Donald Trump=523(satanic)
The Cavs lost on 5/23 to the Celtics with a big "King" tribute...
#23 Lebron and the Cavs lost on the 23rd day of May with 83 points. 
23rd prime is 83.
The series became 2-3.  
King=23, 41
They lost by 13 points that game...
13th prime is 41. 

Remember in 2015 before the Cavs won, Lebron James was "Prince" and Kevin Love was Jackie MOON. Then Prince the singer died on the night of a full moon at the age of 57.."Moon"=57. He was synced up to Queen Elizabeth II and also the Cavs winning the NBA finals. 

The reason I bring all of this up with Halloween is because Lebron was "IT" for Halloween in 2017. Think about IT and how it connects to "KING"(Stephen KING).(Stephen Curry...King James...both born in the same hospital in Akron and so on).  
Remember the protests of Stephon Clark at the KINGS game this year too. 

Kevin Love this year was Sting the wrestler for Halloween. Remember in 2015 at Wrestlemania 31 Sting made his debut for the WWE that was held in the San Francisco Bay...where the Warriors play. At WM 31 they also brought back the NWO who Sting feuded with in previous think about this for a second....the NWO reminds us of George HW Bush who was just hospitalized in Maine....Maine a major setting in Stephen KING books. Sting also came into wrestling with the Ultimate Warrior-....also think about how the Valentines Day Massacre fits in with the death of Owen Hart on 5/23...Owen Hart fell from the ceiling doing an entrance that is most notable for "Sting". Sting was in the WolfPac...Kevin Love played for the T-Wolves...Lupercalia's(wolf festival) 2nd day is on Valentines Day. 
Sting originally feuded with the NWO, but later joined the NWO Wolfpac when the NWO split. This is when he started wearing the Red and Black in which Kevin Love dressed up as for halloween this year. Sting even wrestled Triple H at WM 31 and the NWO came out to help Sting....Triple H's entrance was that of the Terminator movie and the destruction on the Bridge. 
Dennis Rodman was also in the NWO(Korea)

Could we get an Earthquake during the NBA Finals game like when did in the 1989 World Series? 

Interesting that Halloween to Valentines day was 106 days. Also Valentines to the NBA Finals was 106 days. 
This number has been connected to Philadelphia/Warriors for as long as I remember. 

Valentines was also the day Wendy Williams Collapsed dressed as the Statue of Liberty....

Stephen King is really important to much I have talked about. 
His favorite book to film movies are Stand By Me...The Shawshank Redemption, and The Mist. 
Think Morgan Freeman....all that I have mentioned about Stand By Me.....Also oddly enough just last week my girlfriend was watching "The Mist" Tv series. I remember asking her what it was and she told me, then we talked about how I've never even seen the movie before lol. 

Stephen King even got hit by a car on the real King James bday in 1999. 
99th prime is 523. 
It almost stopped him from writing it says as well. 

Remember his book 11/22/63 the time travel always takes him back to 9/9...1958. 
9/9 was the day that Queen Elizabeth II became the longest reigning Monarch surpassing Victoria as well. 
9/9 Adam Sandler's bday...9th green at 9 and so on...

JR Smith also born on 9/9....Think about it too. 
He wears #5 Lebron wears #23
99th prime is 523. 
JR Smith=47
There were 4.7 seconds on the clock when he rebounded it and forgot the score. 

999 days after Queen Elizabeth II became longest reigning monarch on 9/9 will be 6/4. 
This is 1 month 14 days after her 92nd bday...
King Charles=64(rev red)

In the game tonight too when Thompson got ejected they showed us Steve Nash in the hallway....his real name is "Stephen". 
Stephen Kerr, Stephen Curry.