Saturday, June 9, 2018

Justify wins Triple Crown with 52 year old Mike Smith-Reminders of the 2015 Triple Crown and the number 52.

Justify win the triple CROWN...for the first time since American Pharoah in 2015. 
So yet again something that I was talking about or happened in 2015 came about again. 
Even the Warriors won like they did in 2015...
Stephen means Crown and got his 3rd ring...a lot like Triple Crown too. 
Queen Elizabeth's horse won the Belmont Gold Cup yesterday too.

Remember when American Pharaoh won the Kentucky Derby it was on 5/2 the same day Princess Charlotte was born. 
Remember the morning odds of the race were 5-2 and the owner of the horse was 52 years old. 
American Pharoah finished 5th in his debut as a 2 year old horse before starting to do well too. That race was on the 221st day(Aug. 9th)...2/21 is the 52nd day. 
The horse who previously won the Triple Crown in 1978 was born on 2/21...which is the 52nd day of the year. 
After July 4th 2015 it was the 239th year of the US. 
239 the 52nd prime number. 
Queen Elizabeth's bday in 2015 was 5 months 2 days before 23/9 the big day with Pope Francis....
Elizabeth became queen in the year 52' age 25. 
Elizabeth was 52 years old when Affirmed won the Triple Crown in 1978. 
Think about Horses in regards to Royalty....Reign, Reins...
I think back then I even mentioned something about the book "Charlottes Web"=52 and came out in the year 52'....written by "E.B. White"...E=5...B=2

The Jockey of Justify is 52 year old Mike Smith. He became the oldest Jockey to win the Triple Crown. 
Also "Horse Race"=52(rev red)

Interesting the Jockey's outfit today reminds me of the Chinese Flag a bit too. Possibly nothing but the Flag symbolism has been huge this year. Super Bowl 52 being important to the Flag Symbolism...

Also Justify is the 13th horse to win the Triple Crown. 
Think about all the 13 that was connected to basketball this year and King James...
13th prime is 41
King=41 and so on...
Fifty Two=404(satanic)=King James(satanic)=Prince Charles(Jewish)
It makes even more sense why "Pope Francis"=404(Jewish) came to america in 2015 that syncs to 52....5/2 the 122nd day as well..
Pope Francis=122

The Triple Crown is won in 3 races by a 3 year old horse. 
Justify wins 3 years 3 days after American Pharaoh..

Today being 6/9 and the 150th Belmont Stakes is interesting too...
Queen Elizabeth=69, 150
Prince Charles is 69 years old and today is 207 days after his bday. 
Thinking about Triple Crown and if he does became King he would be the 3rd King Crowned as Charles. 


  1. Extremely Enlightening! The "52"(5-2=3) parallels Golden State winning this years NBA Finals. I had no idea Stephen means Crown. "STEPHEN DOUGLAS Kerr" is "52" yrs old. Kerr's middle name "DOUGLAS" is Scottish and means "Dark Water", "Dark River" or "Dark Stream". "Scottish"=393(Satanic)
    Someone did a post on Zach's Blog, stating: King James died "393" year ago. Kerr's birthday is Sept. 27th, which by now everyone decoding on these blogs knows is the birthday of the Jesuit Order. This date connects to me as well and I found that quite interesting.
    Steve Kerr has "5" Championship Rings as a NBA Player and "3" as a Head Coach(53), which parallel's the next Superbowl number. He won his 3rd Ring, 3 months and 19 days(319)before his "53rd" birthday.
    "Dark Water,Dark Stream,Dark River"=319(ALW Kabbalah)
    Since this post is about a animal I want to add, on March 19, 2018 the last White Male Rhinoceros died by euthanasia. His name was "Sudan", he was "45" yrs old when he died in Kenya.
    "Scottish"=45(Jewish Reduction)
    Kerr was born in Beirut, Lebanon, which is 2394 kilometers from Sudan.
    The "2394th" prime is "21319"(21, 2+1=3/319)

    1. Interesting notes. "Scottish" = 450 (Jewish), and it was King James's 450th birthday when he won the NBA Title for Cleveland.
      "Three hundred ninety-three" = 1331 (Jewish)
      "One thousand three hundred thirty-one" = 1919 (Jewish)
      "King James VI and I of Scotland" = 1919 (Jewish)
      King James was in his 1919th week when he united the Scottish and English crowns. So 393, 1331, 1919 are all very significant to King James.

  2. The official celebration of queens birthday was also yesterday

    1. Next year(2019) Easter aka Resurrection Sunday is on April 21, the Queen's 93rd birthday.

  3. George Soros is a part owner of Justify. Kinda takes the mystery out of his remarkable success that came out of nowhere.