Friday, June 22, 2018

Ichiro sits on Bench at Yankees game with Fake Mustache-9/11 symbolism-Valentines-The Sandlot-Red Sox-Yankees

Notice how Ichiro does this at Yankee stadium. 
Remember the Yankees upset the Mariners in 2001 after 9/11 happened on Ichiro's birthday. 
It was 41 days after 9/11. 
Al Qaeda=41
Skull and bones=41
Seattle Mariners=179
179 is the 41st prime number. 
Fake Mustache=41

This story happens 4 months 1 day before Ichiro's bday. 

This year is the 114th world series and it has a bunch of connections to "World War"=114
The 1918 World Series was won by the Red Sox on 9/11....this was the year the Star Spangled Banner being played became popular at sporting events. Also just before WWI came to an end.
The 2001 World Series came to an end on 11/4. 

Interesting they compare Ichiro to Bobby Valentine as well. 
Think about how important Valentines has been this year....especially to the Cubs in regards to baseball. 
Bobby Valentine turned 68 years old this year too. 
Bobby V=41, 68
9-1-1 made the emergency dialing code in 68'
WTC Construction began on 6/8/68. 
Bush's bday was 68 days before 9/11. 
So on...
6/8 was also the day of the Total Solar Eclipse over the US that happened 156 days before WWI ended. 

Bobby Valentine=77(rev red)
September Eleventh=77
World trade on...

This Fake Mustache game even comes 39 days after Bobby Valentines bday. 
New York=39=NY=Empire and so on..

It's also interesting Bobby V's bday is 5 months 10 days before the World Series begins. 
510 a big number I've mentioned recently. 
He shares a bday with Dennis Rodman who is important to that 510 number with Korea too. 

One other thing that sticks out to me in regards to Bobby Valentine is that he is from Stamford, Connecticut. 
That place was super connected to the Boston Trash Bombs in 2016. 
Stamford is where the first ever Marathon in the US was held. 
Stamford is also where Jackie Robinson died...
Christopher Lloyd was born...

JD Salinger the author of Catcher in the Rye lived in Stamford....In the book "Shoeless Joe" the basis of the film "Field of Dreams" the character named "J.D. Salinger" is the same character James Earl Jones plays in the film with a different name. 

Michael Bolton was born in Stamford and his last Top 40 single in the US was called "Go the Distance". In Field of Dreams he learns to "Go the Distance" at the Red Sox game. 
Also think about James Earl Jones in regards to the Sandlot....the film has a lot to do with "Babe Ruth" who won the World Series with the Red Sox in 1918...then went on to play for the Yankees...
In the film the baseball is signed by the 1927 Yankees who won the world series at the peak of Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig...
Lou Gehrig=612(sum), 417(satanic)
Valentine=612(sum), 417(satanic)
World War=612(rev sum)
This has me thinking about the death of Stephen Hawking too. 
Gehrig died in 41'. 

There's a lot going on with the Red Sox and the Yankees...
Even the whole Austin Bombings...reminding us of the Boston Bombings...
Red Sox=510
Boston Marathon=77
Boston Bombings=77
Curse of the Bambino=77


  1. Sandlot released April 1 1993. 4/1
    Christopher Lloyd has same birthday as Ichiro 10/22.
    Valentine =51 Rev. Full Red., Ichiro's #.