Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Copyright Claim on a video from 9/19/15-Jehovah's Witness lady back-1012-Kanye West

I wake up this morning to a copyright claim on a video from almost 3 years ago. 
There's a few interesting things as I put it out on 9/19. I have recently mentioned this day again....
Also it's 1012 days.....I haven't seen 1012 in a while but it was important to the death of my Uncle Barney-The book of Daniel-Knights of Columbus/Christopher Columbus. 
It's funny too as the last few nights I have been researching about Aleister Crowley who died on 10/12. 
I'm trying to understand more about how Magick works and how "Spelling"/Kabbalah can be used to manipulate the world. I figure why not...been documenting that this exists for years, the only way to stop it is to figure out how to use this system for the opposite of what others are using it for. 

Anyway in this video above it has 9/23 in the title because the 2nd season of the show came out on the same day Pope Francis went to the White House....but I mentioned the date of 9/26 more in the video. 

The Jehovah's Witness lady came back this morning as well and left a note with my girlfriend. She was having trouble remembering what bible verse she wanted to show me yesterday...
I guess it was Isaiah 43:10.....What's interesting though is that on the note she referred to me as "Daniel" and not "Dan" that I told her my name was. 
Yesterday when she stopped I was documenting all the "45". 
Also another 45 that's been important to this year is...
Jehovah's Witness=197
45th prime is 197. 

I noticed too that..
Aleister Crowley=190
King Charles=190

Also today being the day that Kanye West sang the QUEEN song in Glastonbury in the video above a thing I was talking about was Kanye West and the kid says the "N" word because he's singing "Gold Digger"...I'm positive that's why they waited until today to copyright claim it. Waiting for the Corey Taylor or Slipknot story in the media that I think will be coming. 

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  1. A Jehovah's witness stopped by my house today too. I wasn't home at the time, but they left me a note about some meeting in Des Moines that I'm supposedly invited too. It's funny, because I remember when I was a kid, every once in a while people would stop by the house and my mom and my cousin would make me hide with them. They told me it was religious people. I don't think that's true, as they were always guys in suits and they drove a nice SUV. I always thought they looked more government than anything.