Friday, June 1, 2018

BEE Theme on CNN tonight-Samantha Bee-Spelling Bee-Jesus Christ

I just got on and I noticed there is a "BEE" theme on the headlines. 

The reason it sticks out so much is because only a few hours ago my girlfriend and daughter were looking for movies on Netflix. My girlfriend said, "The BEE Movie" and Claire said, "No". I then made a stupid joke saying I thought you guys were looking for "A" movie. 

Maybe it's because I have been mentioning the "King" stuff lately but I'm reminded that Bees were important to "Royalty" in the film Jupiter Ascending. 
I'll have to go back and look but I feel like there was something important to "Bees" when Obama was president too. 

Think about it too in regards to Gematria....The SPELLing Bee. 
I know I looked into the spelling bee in 2015 as well so I'll have to look back at that, also I think I just mentioned Henry Winkler not too long ago...he's the guy who gets covered in Bees in Little Nicky....

A perfect day for a story about Samanth Bee calling Ivanka Trump a bad name lol. 
Ivanka Trump=531(satanic) also 151(reverse) and 146
Today is 5/31 the 151st day of the year. 
Full Frontal with Samantha Bee=146(rev red)

Vulgar Remark=147
This story comes 147 days before Bee's birthday. 
She called her a "Feckless Cunt"=138
Donald Trump=138

Sarah HuckaBEE Sanders called on TBS to take action against what she more BEE. 

The word that won the spelling Bee was "Koinonia"...
Look at the defintion of the word. It refers to the unity that should exist in the Christian Church and the Body of Christ...

Today is the 151st day of the year...
Jesus Christ=151

Bees in Egyptian culture represent "Birth, Death, and Ressurection". Think about that in regards to Jesus. 
Koinonia=43, 52
Jesus Christ=43
Spelling Bee=52



  1. Dan, I found something interesting with the movie Conspiracy Theory with Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts. A little after 19 minutes into the movie Mel Gibson is talking to Julia Roberts about conspiracies and he mentions that 6 earthquakes happened in 3.5 all while NASA space shuttles were in orbit. Six=52 like Minnesota who hosted SB 52 on the 35th days of the year. Shortly after 20 minuts into the movie Mel Gibson says that NASA plans to kill the president with an earthquake in Turkey. Then when he's leaving the office Julia Roberts says that Mel Gibson has been to her office 12 times, in which he replies "8 time, I've been here 8 time". Like 88. And the movie came out on 8/8/1997, so we're coming up on the 21st anniversary of its release. The eclipse was on the 21st of August last year, Moon and Saturn both equal 21. Just before 52 minutes into the movie, as they're about to go into his apartment, Mel Gibson gives Julia Roberts his taxi company union pin which has the number 107 on it, earthquake=107. This July 31st, which is 181 days after the Super Blue Blood Moon, one hundred eighty-one=81, NASA is launching the Delta IV space shuttle to research the sun. Delta IV=44 and 612 Trigonal. The book The Catcher In The Rye is also huge in this movie but whenever its mentioned everyone usually leaves "The" out of the title, only saying "Catcher In The Rye" which also equals 81. Jerry Fletcher=81, Mel Gibsons character. The movie opened on 8/8/97 but the end of opening weekend is 8/10 like 81. Also at 46 minutes in a cop says Catcher In The Rye is the book that Chapman had on him when he shot Lennon, and then the cop next to him says Hinkley, who shot Reagan, had a copy of the book in his apartment. Maybe we'll see some sort of shooting and earthquake tied together. Also, ULA Delta IV=107 like earthquake. Parker Solar Probe=242, and we're coming up on the 242nd anniversary of this nation. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration=186 like John Wilkes Booth, Sirhan Sirhan, and George H.W. Bush.

    1. @Hickok-On July 13TH there's going to be a "Partial Solar Eclipse". Charles, Prince Of Wales did a "Partial" walk down the aisle with his daughter-in-law on 5/19.
      "July Thirteenth"=69(Full Red.) Charles, Prince Of Wales is "69" yrs old
      May 19th or 519 is a reflection of "69", (5+1=6)9. "Queen Elizabeth"=69(69/66)

      There was a Partial Eclipse on 2/15(215), a span of 21 weeks and 1 day(211) until 7/13/2018(7/13, 713/317). The "66th" prime is "317". "Diana, Princess Of Wales"=317
      "Partial Solar Eclipse"=211
      "Rachel Meghan Markle=211
      "211" is the "47TH" prime
      Queen Elizabeth married in "1947"(47)
      Also, Catcher In The Rye=154(Jewish Ord.) and June 3rd, a SUNday( and Gm 2 of the NBA Finals) is the "154th day of the year, leaving 211 days remaining.
      Charles married Diana in 1981(81), the same year Markle was born.

    2. Awesome Marion, I completely forgot the 66th prime is 317, like the date of Delta IV on 31/7. Looks like it'll be a crazy summer, especially after the Delta IV goes up, unless for some reason it doesn't. For date numerology's matching 44 or 55 with earthquake there's 8/9, 8/18/, 8/29, 9/8, 9/17, 9/28. I've been thinking this major earthquake might happen on 9/26/2018 since thats 239 days after the Super Blue Blood Moon and 239 is the 52nd prime, matching up with Minnesota and the Super Bowl. And maybe that could be the date because it has 73 date numerology and in the movie Conspiracy Theory there actually is an earthquake in Turkey mentioned on the news towards the end of the movie and it registered a 7.3 on the Richter scale.