Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Yasiel Puig traded to Indians for Trevor Bauer the same day the Cincinnati Reds-Pittsburgh Pirates Brawl-More Indians/Cubs Coding

I see a Cubs-Indians narrative with this story of a Brawl and Yasiel Puig's possible trade to the Indians. 
The reason it's so important is because the Reds and the Pirates played a major role in why I thought the Cubs would win in 2016. Remember the day of the Hoboken(first baseball game) train wreck in which they said 114 people were injured the Cubs tied the Pirates. It was the first "Tie"=114 since the Astros tied the Reds 114 days before the World Series in 2005. Also my Uncle Barney went to the Reds game on 8/8/2005 and then later died on 1/14 after the Cubs won getting their 114th win of the season in their 114th season being called the Cubs. 
The Pirates were important because "Pittsburgh Pirates"=228 and Aroldis Chapman was born on 2/28 which was the exact day Harvey Kuenn died. Harvey and Rocky Colavito cursed the Indians. 
Terry Francona became 11-4 coaching the World series in 2016...His father Tito played with Rocky Colavito on the Indians and also tied Colavito for 2nd place in Rookie of the Year voting and more...Tito's bday was 11/4. 

Notice how the Reds lost 11-4 to the Pirates in the game tonight as well. Plus the Indians played the Astros haha.  
Yasiel Puig Valdes=92
Cincinnati Reds=92
Remember Hurricane HARVEY...Harvey Kuenn and so on..
The Astros got their 69th win in their 108th game of the season. 
World Series=69....108 the biggest number with the Cubs in 2016. 

Yasiel Puig's bday on 12/7 is also fitting as this was the big number I talked about with the Indians in 2016. 
127 people being arrested at the Pipeline..
North Dakota=127 and had it's 127th anniversary being a state on Game 7 of the World Series. 
127 Cleveland Indians-Cubs 2016
Read the above post as I don't want to retype it all. I do want to mention how it was connected to Michael Jordan and the MLB Strike though...Angels in the Outfield and so on connected to that this 8/11 being important to it. 

He was traded to the Indians for # 47 Trevor Bauer today and it's perfect...Today is 4 months 7 days before Puig's bday and the 211th day of the year. 
47th prime is 211. 
The Pirates beat the Reds today getting their 47th win of the season as well. 

Of course this brawl stems back to another one that happened on 4/7 this year...Notice it was 114 days ago haha. You can't script it any better. 

The Reds lost 5 to 7 in the game on 4/7...
World Series=57

The brawl also began when the score was 11 to 3 which reminds me of the 113th World Series. 
Interesting the video is 1:48...
Cleveland Indians=148
Curse of Rocky Colavito=113
Remember too that Trevor Bauer was important to the "Finger" symbolism that was connected to 810 and Rocky Colavito as well. 

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