Sunday, July 28, 2019

Russi Taylor, Voice of Minnie Mouse dies age 75-Disney/Nickelodeon theme

Another Disney story? This time the voice of Minnie Mouse, Russi Taylor dies age 75. 
Russi Taylor=75
She died 9 months 8 days before her bday. 
She must've had mean parents to name her "Russell" too. 

Her bday of 5/4 makes me think of baseball as well. 
Interesting the Angels who were once owned by Disney stated on 54 wins the same day she died..
Baseball=54=MLB and so on..
3 to 9 score reminds me of New York...but 75 reminds me of the Astros..

Possibly nothing thinking about JoJo Siwa and her signature hair's interesting Minnie Mouse also has a big bow in her hair. I know it's not Disney, but there is something going on with Nickelodeon and Disney lately..
Russi was the voice in 86'....I'm going to that concert on 8/6...The 86 World Series was the Bill Bucker error...The 86th World Series was the earthquake series...Rocky Colavito will be 86 years old...A bunch of stuff I've documented since last year..

Since this is so random might as well type my thoughts.. 5 cents...

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