Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Brightburn Film-Troll Court Entertainment-The Breyer Family in regards to the House I just moved into

I have not had crap for time lately, but the amount of synchronicities is out of hand. I'm not going to talk about all of them(at least tonight)....So I got home from band practice tonight and I'm really tired...A few nights ago I caught bits and pieces of the film Brightburn and it looked like an alright movie. I've been trying to watch it from the beginning and just layed in bed and turned it on. 
The first thing I see is a big thing that says "TROLL Court Entertainment". 
Then the very first scene in the film shows a mailbox with the name "Breyer" on it. It wouldn't seem like much, but we just moved into this big house a few weeks ago....and remember we bought it from a guy with the last name "Breyer"...I don't even know who he is, and he's the only person I know with that last name from Dunlap. 
Breyer=145(Franc Baconis)
Brightburn=145(Francis Bacon)
Funny too as I'm writing this post up, it is crazy lightning out right now. Seriously some of the craziest lightning I have seen in years.  Makes me think of "Brightburn" though....

What else is interesting about this house that the house number is 211 and it's on 11th street. I've just recently mentioned how 11 keeps coming up....
My girlfriends mom and 2 of her brothers are moving into our old house...but the funny thing is that they used to rent out 211 Park they are moving out of 211 and we moved into a 211. 

I'm gonna try and watch the rest of the film now....interesting though I had synchronicity with Breyer and the film "Glass" in an earlier post....Just thinking about Super hero...Super Powers...
We moved into this house on 6/12 which was 151 days before my bday....
I'm also 36 years old....36th prime is 151. 

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  1. Been seeing the 56 quite often. "Brightburn" = 56 reduced. 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence