Saturday, July 6, 2019

Sydney Loofe Murdered by a Vampire to a Cult of Witches-California Earthquakes 150 miles from Los Angeles

I've been interested in this story for a while now as it's a local story. I haven't posted much on it, but the other day at work my data ran out on my phone...I started looking at the Omaha World Herald and the headline article was this story. Apparently now the killer of Sydney Loofe claims to be a "Vampire" and the women with him were all Witches. 

I can't figure out the narrative with this story, but I find it interesting in regards to the Buffy/Vampire stuff I've mentioned...
Also with the California Earthquake story, they keep reporting it was about 150 miles from Los Angeles...this makes me think of "Lincoln, Nebraska"=150
World Series=150
This is the 150th MLB season...
They put emphasis on the Dodgers vs Padres still playing during the earthquake. 
It reminds us of the 1989 Earthquake Series. 
Also the World Series begins on 10/22 which is head Angel Christopher Lloyd's bday. Also Ichiro's bday...remember this day was important to 9/11 and Ichiro saying he didn't know who Tom Brady was. 
Kawhi Leonard played for San Diego State....
The Chargers leave San Diego to Los Angeles. 

Nebraska=71...which has been important to the Earthquake/Angel thing...
San Francisco Bay=150
Also the Ben Franklin Bridge in Philadelphia opened on 7/1 in honor of the 150th annivesary of the Declaration of Independence. 
Philadelphia Eagles=150...
We got the story of the 5.3 Earthquake in connection to James Paxton/Eagles after the Eagles won the SB. 
The Eagles won 863 days after Pope Francis visit to Philadlephia....150th prime is 863. 

Plus in regards to August 10th and Rastafari...
Bob Marley=150
Kofi Kingston=150
So on...
Queen Elizabeth=150

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