Sunday, July 7, 2019

Zach's post about Freddie Mercury and the Queen after I wrote about the topic for hours this morning.

I just got home from my nephews bday party in Council Bluffs and I turned on the Gematria Effect from Wednesday. I then went to Zach's blog and I see he posted a random post about Freddie Mercury and Queen Elizabeth. Zenith of the Alpha must have made a video talking about this or messaged him recently as he credited him in the post. 

The reason I find it so funny is because I spent about 3 hours today writing about the Freddie symbolism in regards to Kanye West/Freddie Mercury/Queen Elizabeth. I haven't been posting much lately, because I have been trying to write a book about my experience with Gematria/Signs/Symbolism and so on...I want to finish it before my next child is born, because I know my time will only be even more limited in the months to follow. I just find it odd that I see this random post that is connected. 

Also as I'm posting this some guy Zach called "Dan The Man" called in saying he started a new channel called "The Lions Den". I get that his name is the Lion's Den, but it's funny as much as I've talked about the Lion symbolism. 


  1. World Cup Final tomorrow/today in Lyon 1331 after the 2015 Paris attacks ended 11/14/2015. Netherlands = 393 Jewish. Had them picked to make the final simply for the fact that Gloria Vanderbilt passed. The Vanderbilt's are Dutch so is Vincent Van Gogh. I was looking into him and thought he favored Willem Dafoe. Searched that then learned that Willem "Vincent" Dafoe played him in a movie that released last year. "At Eternity's Gate" = 267 Francis Bacon. Location of the galactic center/golden gate Chris Cline = 267 Jewish. Died 777 days after Chris Cornell who died with Saturn moving retrograde through the Golden Gate/Black Hole. The final is 88 days after the first images of a black hole were released on April 10th the 100th day. Gotta get back to work. I'll put more on my lunch break

  2. July 7th is the 188th day. 1123 days after June 9th, 2016. 1123 is the 188th prime. On that same day Obama endorsed Hillary Clinton for president Chris Cornell = 188 FB. Bavarian Illuminati = 188 ordinal.

    U.S. Women's first match was 18/8 (1985)

    The stadium they're playing in opened 56 days after the Paris attacks that were blamed on ISIS. "Isis" = 56 ordinal.

    Rambo, the New York Caller, always talks about the ritual destruction of the divine feminine. With last years Mens World Cup pointing to feminism can only imagine what they might have planned for an event such as this. "feminism" = 219 jewish. "divine feminine" = 911 jewish

  3. On a personal note. I know the cat theme comes up for you from time to time. I found a "kitty" = 619 Jewish on 6/19. 9 days later i took her to the vet. they gave her some antibiotics and a steroid shot and said they were gonna take her back for a bath to wait in the lobby. they came out later and said they wanted to keep her there maybe even overnight to keep a close eye on her. I left there about 11am. They called a little after 5 and said she didnt make it. It was pretty upsetting. Just felt like I could've done more, could've done something sooner maybe. she was pretty sick. They said she had developed pneumonia. She was healthy when I found her as far as I could tell. About three days in I noticed her nose was bleeding. Eventually the blood stopped and it was just snot. I thought maybe that meant she would get better but she stopped eating too so I was giving her formula with a syringe. But yea just too little too late. I took her to the vet on th 28th. 10th day I had her 19 days after my bday. I named her Charlie because she bit the shit out of my finger when I tried to get her to eat some Tuna. Still have the wound. Anyways, Charlie = 56.