Monday, July 29, 2019

Garlic Festival Shooting and the Red Hair-Red Beard Theme

This Gilroy shooting is heavily themed on Red Hair...Notice Gilroy means "Red Haired Servant"...also the shooter said in instagram to read "Might is Right" which was written by Ragnar Redbeard(Psuedonym)'s believed the actual author was Arthur Desmond who had red hair and a red beard....
Oddly enough today at work I made a joke about me being a ginger as well..I then talked about how my hair isn't as red as it was when I was a kid...the joke was about Ginger's having Souls as I snapchatted a picture of me with the beer called "Sol" saying it's proof that Gingers do indeed have Sol's a few days ago. 
Of course while writing this up I just looked at the TV and saw this haha. It's a show called "The Fairly Odd Parent's". I've seen it on before, but no idea what it's about or payed much attention to it. 

All of this Ginger stuff reminds me of how August 10th and 11th are important to the "Ginger Cow" and the prophecy of the 3rd temple. 
It's also funny thinking about Ginger's being easily sunburned in regards to Vampires...
I posted a while back about Hagar and red hair makes me think of Prince Harry who has red hair. 

Santino William Legan=210
This number has been important to August 10th..
Kamala Harris bday is 2 months 10 days after 8/10. 
San Francisco California=210
They took down the Gematrinator 210 days before 8/10. 

I started this post when I got off work earlier, but had to quit for a bit. In the mix of stopping I got this message on my phone about SOL. I possibly talked about that in this video, but still interesting timing to get a notification. 
I've had number of good posts from this person and also a few syncs because of them as just sticks out to me..
The name has interested me as well because in Roman Numerals MDLI is 1551. This number is important to Trump/Obama...Queen Elizabeth/Victoria...Pope Francis...Kanye West
Remember how Aurora was important to Trump/Batman as well....Aurora is a Red Haired Goddess. 

Of course I re-look up Aurora and see her sibling is "SOL" haha. 
Now I'm wondering about Christmas/Jesus/Sun/Soltice...
This Garlic Shooting happened at "Christmas Hill Park"...

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