Thursday, July 18, 2019

Infinity on the Gematrinator Calculator on the Gematria Effect and my Post about the Glitch in the Gematrinator

Last night I made the blog post about Marilyn Manson. I was trying to find some posts about the 10 Sefirots as I thought I had some in regards to "God"=10 and "Satan"=10...When I searched for the word "Sefirot" on my blog the only post that comes up is the above post. In the post I talk about the Gematrinator doing this when you type in the word "Infinity"....
So I just got off work and started listening to the Gematria Effect from last night. I only listened to a tiny bit in the beginning and muted it for a while before I just stopped it completely last night. I turn it on and just a few minutes in Zach starts talking about the Gematrinator and something being messed up when you type in the word "Infinity"..
Apparently when you type in "Infinity" with a capital "I" it won't show up on the bottom of the Gematrinator to compare it to other words. It works with a lowercase "i" but not capital "I".....It's just interesting considering the importance of Francis Bacon gematria I've been talking about. 

It's also interesting that I have this sync 60 days after I mentioned the gematrinator was giving different values on 5/19. 

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