Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Ross Perot dead at 89 same day Billionaire Tom Steyer announces he's running for president-Dana Carvey-SNL-All That

Just before work today I looked at my phone and I saw this main article on CNN about Billionaire Tom Steyer running for president. I took a screen shot of it because when I got off work, I was going to look at his connections to Ross Perot. Both being Billionaires running for president and I also documented about Ross Perot a few months back....A few hours later I get on my phone at work and I see Ross Perot died today....I mean what are the odds? 

Better yet they even have the same birthday...haha that's awesome. 

I mean really? How many people were documenting about Ross Perot in 2019?
Ross Perot=46, 64
Dallas Texas=46
It's interesting Dana Carvey is currently 64 years old too. 
Dana Carvey=62  born on 6/2. 

My blog posts with him are interesting in regards to his death day as well. Notice they are mirror days to his death. The first was 4 months 4 days before on 3/5. The second was 3 months 5 days before on 4/4. 
Fitting he would die of "Cancer"=44 in regards to my posts as well. 
Dallas Texas=118=Cancer

When I documented about him back in March and April I was talking about Waynes World/The Aurora Shooting and Dana Carvey with Saturday Night Live. I remember trying to find the SNL skit with "Big Ears" and a high squeaking laugh talking about Money but I couldn't find it back then. I am now realizing it wasn't on SNL, but on the Nickelodeon show "All That". 
What's funny is that Nickelodeon just brought back the show "All That" in June. 

The girl who portrayed Ross Perot on All That was according to Wikipedia born on 4/27? 
Henry Ross Perot=427(Franc Baconins)
Saturday Night Live=427(Franc Baconis)

215 was a big number as well...
Remember I got a Youtube Strike on 2/15 which was the same day as the Aurora shooting....Waynes World from Aurora..
Saturday Night Live=215
Henry Ross Perot=215
Chris Farley born on 2/15. 
Waynes World last aired on 2/15/15 on SNL. 
University of Nebraska founded on 2/15...
In my Ross Perot post I also mentioned Warren Buffett...

What else is really interesting is that my friend Cody was actually back in town for the first time in a while last night. He stopped over at my new house and we talked for about 3 or 4 hours before he left. A big SNL synch I had was at Cody's house with Emilio Estevez and so on....I documented about that sync on the 4/4..so the same day I documented about Ross Perot....In the mix of SNL stuff I also mentioned Mary Poppins, which sticks out because I just got a Netflix notification about Mary Poppins being on it now too. 

Also the connections to Freddie Mercury and the Queen I just documented about are interesting....With the SNL stuff I mentioned how they sang the Queen song in the Whitehouse. 
9/19 was a big day I mentioned with the Queen and Jimmy Fallon/SNL as well...
Dana Thomas Carvey=262....9/19 the 262nd day..Marathon stuff. 
Also born on 6/2 or 2/6...like "Queen"=26, 62
2015 was when I picked up on the Freddie/Queen/VMA's pattern...and Elizabeth II was 89 years old that year....so interesting Perot dies age 89. 

We'll see what the 2019 VMA's bring as they will be important to all of this. 
Waynes World famous for the song "Bohemian Rhapsody"..
Also Halloween is another important day...Carvey in Halloween II and Michael Myers(SNL/Halloween). 
My original post on 3/5 was 114 days before Perot's bday and he died 114 days before Halloween too. 

Also in regards to All That, Sam and I were texting about Nickelodeon a little over a week ago. The whole conversation I had with Jasmine came about because of the new "All That's" and I started telling her about my favorite old shows on Nick. 
Sam and I later mentioned Pete and Pete, so I'm wondering if Salute your Shorts or Pete and Pete might be important to this. 

I'm trying to piece this together, I need to think more about it as I feel like I'm missing something important. 
Maybe need to check out the new All That's more in depth..or find the old episodes with Perot in them too. 

Also Perot and Steyer were born 27 years apart on the the 27th of June...

Also interesting that my original post about Dana Carvey/Ross Perot was on the 64th day of the year. It was 89 days before Carvey's 64th bday...Perot dies age 89...
The 2nd post was 59 days before Carvey's bday...
Dana Carvey=59

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