Friday, July 5, 2019

Kawhi Anthony has to make his decision by tomorrow for Los Angeles Lakers

Kawhi Leonard=58
Los Angeles Lakers=58
It could make sense for Kawhi to be a Laker, but we will see. 

Tomorrow is interesting as it's 117 days after Anthony Davis' bday and 1 month 17 days before Kobe's bday. 

Tomorrow is also 6 months 6 days after LeBron's bday. 
Lebron James=66
Would he leave the "6" to the team with the 66 connection 6 months 6 days after LeBron's bday? 

It's also 6 months 11 days afte LeBron got injured....
Raptors=611(eng ext)

Tomorrow is also 36 days before 8/11. 
Think about Summer Slam being in Toronto and LeBron James wearing the Undertaker and Ultimate Warrior shirts. 

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