Tuesday, July 23, 2019

9 year old girl injured by Bison at Yellowstone

Nine Year Old=59

I'm only documenting about this story because it reminds me of 2016 and the native american theme connected to the Cleveland Indians. Possibly not connected at all, but the story leaves minimal details and seems so pointless to have a story about. 

There's a story about a boy injured on Sunday at the Indians game right now too on Espn..

I've recently been writing about the 2016 Indians/Cubs stuff too so maybe that's why I'm thinking it's connected. The Royals played a big part in the 2 years before in regards to what I was writing about as well...Today would've been my Uncle Barney's birthday as well which stands out to me. 
Today is the 204th day of the year..
Houston Astros=204

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