Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Astros lose 6 to 9 to the Angels on 7/15

In light of my phone wanting me to see this game earlier..I just want to document the score of it. 
The Astros lost 6 to 9...
World Series=69
Astros stayed on 59 wins...
Los Angeles Angels=59
115th World Series. 
We'll see if we get more Astros tributes as the season goes on..
Be interesting in regards to the Raptors winning with coach Nick Nurse who is from Iowa..
Astros manager AJ Hinch is also from Iowa. 
He's 45 years old which is interesting in regards to Tyler Skaggs. 
Iowa=95(Franc Baconis)
The game tonight was both teams 95th..
Dan Behrendt=95
Just find this interesting..

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  1. I've been seeing people wear NASA shirts everywhere lately. Must be part of the space, or Astros theme.