Saturday, July 13, 2019

Russell Westbrook traded to Rockets for Chris Paul-Los Angeles symbolism

Westbrook gets traded to the Houston Rockets? 
Westbrook is from Longbeach which is in the Los Angeles Area. 
James Harden is from Los Angeles. 
Westbrook traded for Chris Paul who the Lakers got screwed over in getting. Paul then ends up playing for the Los Angeles Clippers reminding us of Paul George who left OKC like Westbrook....also of Kawhi Leonard who just shook up LA and went to the Clippers. 
Paul went to the Clippers the same season LeBron beat the Thunder to win his first NBA Championship too. 
Paul George and Kawhi both from the Los Angeles area as well. 

Chris Paul and Westbrook's bday's are 6 months 6 days apart. 
This trade news comes 66 days after Paul's bday. 
LeBron James=66

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