Sunday, July 28, 2019

Raw Chicken crawls off table by itself story after the live Stream last night

I just got home from DJing which is crazy as they usually go all night. They must've been ready to go early as the Maid of Honor got so drunk she didn't even come to the reception. 
Anyway last night in the live stream with Sam we were talking about his synchronicity with Chickens and Chicken heads. After I got off the live stream I went upstairs and laid down in bed and went to Yahoo. Of course a headline story was about a Raw chicken crawling off a table by itself. 
Maybe this is a thing and I've just never been to a place like this...but why would raw chicken be on a plate at a restaurant to begin with? 

Just wanted to document this as it's a somewhat synchronicity with chickens...
Also interesting they had 2 stories about Mannings as well. Just thinking about Chelsea MANning...I'm djing a wedding in a town called Manning in August....who knows just makes me think of that. 

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