Friday, July 19, 2019

Claire's Synchronicity with Seinfeld ep. "The Chaperone"-Los Angeles Angels-Yankees-Disney-Earthquake-Angels in Film/TV

I'm sitting here trying to finish watching the last few episodes of Stranger Things. Claire has an old phone she is messing with and wanted to get on Kids messenger to talk to her aunt Halee. So I'm watching the show and all the sudden Claire tells me, "Hey, I was typing the word "What" and the TV said it right as I was typing it. It's an episode of "Seinfeld" called "The Chaperone" that must have came on after Family Guy or whatever was on earlier. 
She was texting her aunt..
Halee Ramsdell=52

So after she said that I grabbed my phone to see what time it was. I saw I had a notification on my RAMS vs Patriots video....Just interesting in regards to RAMSdell..
It's interesting even more so because I put this video out on 1/22...
Claire Bobbi Jo Cowgill=122
Claire Cowgill=129
Tywan Bell=129
Los Angeles Rams=52

Look at what Wikipedia says about this Seinfeld episode as well haha...the opening scene was filmed at ANGEL Stadium which substitued for Yankee stadium...because the Yankees were in town at the time to play the happened just before the MLB Strike that I have mentioned is important to 8/11....Just hilarious..I'm gonna have to find that episode now. 
Los Angeles RAMS
Los Angeles Angels..
Also the film "Angels in the Outfield" came out in 1994 just before the MLB Strike. 
Sometimes I think Claire has super powers as a lot of things that help me understand the syncs involve her. Now she has a sync of her own that is connected to what I have been talking about? It's insane!

The episode even starts off with # 45 of the Yankees Danny Tartabull....remember how #45 Tyler Skaggs of the ANGELS just died and all the tributes to 45..
He's currently 56 years old....
What=52, 56

It's interesting the other night when documenting about the Astros vs Angels game my phone wanted me to see...I also noticed it was 3 months 9 days before the World Series..
New York=39

Also thinking about the narrative with Abigail Disney being livid with Disneyland...the Angels used to be owned by Walt Disney....The last season they were owned by Disney they won the World Series over the Giants in 2002. 
It puts the death of Disney star Cameron Boyce into perspective as well. Remember he died in Los Angeles. 

So I was searching for Disney on my blog to see if there was anything important that I don't remember. One of the posts that came up was about the the post I mention how someone randomly posted on my old video that same day about the Simpsons predicting Donald Trump. Keep in mind I made that video in November of 2016 and I got this comment on 12/14/17..but posted it on 12/15/17...Right away seeing this in the Disney post I noticed the persons name is "gotfreid"...which makes me think of Gilbert Gotfried..Also 12/15 is a fitting day as it's the day Walt Disney died. 
It's interesting too because it was the day before..and we got this Abigail Disney story the day before the anniversary of Disneyland being opened...

I'm also thinking about how the original Lion King came out in 1994 the same year as the MLB Mary Poppins in regards to Disney..Also can't forget the importance of the Mighty Ducks in regards to Disney.

Walt Disney=262(Franc Baconis)

There's also some interesting things Wiki says the Angels are involved with in Film/TV..
Howard the Astronaut(Space/Astros) throws the first pitch at a game on the Big Bang Theory..162 episode(baseball)
The Cubs play the Angels in the World Series on the film "Taking Care of Business"....I talked about this film 

Taking Care of Business was a lot to do with MOON symbolism...notice how I talked about the number 45 in the post as well...I pointed out the guy on the screens last film was called "The Big One, The Great Los Angeles Earthquake"?  Then in the film they were playing the Angels....we just had the Los Angeles area Earthquakes after Tyler Skaggs dies....that's crazy...Taking Care of Business Post

The last film I want to mention in regards to the Angels in "Naked Gun"...Remember how this film is about stopping the assassination of Queen Elizabeth II? Plus the Angels are playing the Mariners in this film according the current wikia(need to check). They just did the Tyler Skaggs 713 tribute against the Mariners...

One last thing...Disney sold the Angels to Arte Moreno...
Arte Moreno=52, 56

He bought the Angels on May 15th, 2003. 
Notice the Angels lost to the Yankees on that day..It was their 39th game of the season haha. 


  1. I was watching a special about the 1995 Mariners with my dad, and Jay Buener was on it. I always think of Seinfeld when I see him, because of the episode George'S dad yells at Steinbrenner for trading him to Seattle. It's funny that Danny Tartabull is here too. He was one of the few good players Seattle had in the 80's.