Saturday, July 20, 2019

Synchronicity with Matthew Broderick on Family Guy-American Pie 2-Lion King-810

I'm writing more again tonight and I just started writing a piece about the Cubs and Ferris Bueller's Day Off. I randomly stopped and looked at the TV while I was thinking and I see Matthew Broderick on Family Guy. 
Even funnier to me is that it's season 11 episode 4. If you followed a major thing I documented with the Cubs it was about uncle even dying on 1/14 after they won and so on..
The whole episode is about Brian stealing Stewies Time Machine which makes sense to the Cubs narrative as well. A bit before this I was writing about Back to the Future as Part 3 came out on the 145th day and part 2 was 108 minutes long. 
Chicago Illinois=145
The Cubs were in their 145th season which was also the same year as the first ever MLB game and the Great Chicago Fire on 10/8. 
One Hundred Forty Five=108
So on...

Better yet is that when I was done writing I was going to go lay in bed and watch the new Lion King. Jasmine and Claire went and saw this in the theaters tonight, but I had to stay home with Zamien because we didn't have a babysitter. We went to my Dads for a bit and then came home and I turned on the TV and saw "American Pie 2" was on. I started watching it and there's a part where Jim's dad tells Nadia she has to see the "Lion King". I had never caught that part before until tonight either. 
Think about Matthew Broderick though...he is the original voice of SIMBA. 

Also American Pie 2 came out on August 10th(810) haha, which is world Lion Day. It's always so hilarious even though it happens all the time to me. 
There's a ton of thoughts in regards to this film and the actors as well...such as the guy who is also in Rookie of the Year(Cubs)...Tara Reid(Big Lebowski)..the guy from Harold and Kumar...Jason Biggs(Neil Diamond)...American Pie song and famous musicians dying in Iowa. Like part 2, so maybe something will happen similar? 

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