Thursday, July 18, 2019

Marilyn Manson concert in Council Bluffs, Iowa on 7/21

My friend Sturgill text me about this concert the other day. 
I wasn't sure if I could go, but I found a babysitter so I get to go. I'm trying to think of some creative ways to share the knowledge as Marilyn Manson is a perfect way. I'm only documenting as I bet something interesting will happen at this show..
Remember how Marilyn Manson was really important to the MOON with the Stoneman Douglas shooting....I'm going to a show on the 50th anniversary of of Neil Armstrong Walking on the moon haha. 

It will also be 168 days before Marilyn Manson's 51st bday on 1/5 or 5/1. 
Marilyn Manson=168
Brian Warner=168
Remember how he got injured in..
New York City=168 
It's also Zach's bday and 8 months 11 days after my bday. 
Moon=15, 51
Rob Zombie=51

It's also interesting as it will be 112 days before my birthday. 
Daniel Edward Behrendt=112
Rob Zombie born on 1/12. 
Without his middle Sturgill's full name is 112 and born on 11/20. 

Dan Behrendt=50 and 202
It's the 50th anniversary on the 202nd day of the year..

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  1. 7/21 also kicks off the
    3 weeks/ dire straits. It's on 10/18 of the Hebrew calendar. Usually it starts 10/17 but it's on a sabbath day so it's postponed one day