Saturday, July 13, 2019

Tyler WAYNE Skaggs and Tribute No Hitter to him-113th World Series-Houston in the 713 area code

I woke up today tagged by my friend Cody in a post about Tyler Skaggs and the no hitter yesterday. 
I really just want to point out that I just noticed his middle name is WAYNE. Something I just documented about the last few nights. 
Plus all the connections to "27" which has been important recently....Trump/Stock Market/Ross Perot...

It's also perfect this no hitter game would be against the Mariners...remember the Los Angeles Earthquake on 4/5 that was the same day as the Eagle landing on James Paxton's head. 

I never looked to see if it's true, but the last combined no hitter in California being in Oakland sticks out as well. Oakland the team who won the Earthquake was foreshadowed in Field of Dreams...
Skaggs died after they played Oakland. 
In Angels in the Outfield he first sees the Angels against the Oakland Athletics. 
I mean think about it lol, the Angels have this awesome game after he dies reminding us of Heaven/Angels. 

Remember this story of Angels in the Outfield and the Astros in 2017? 
He dies on 7/1/3(2+0+1+9=12=3)
His bday on 7/13...
Remember Houston in the 713 area code. 
Barbara Bush died 7 months 13 days before George...
The Angels got their 45th win against Houston with a 4-5 score. 
Skaggs died 113 days before the WS begins this year. 
Houston won the 113th World series in which the Puebla Earthquake happened before in 2017. 
It's either a weird tribute to the 113th World Series symbolism or I'd say it's a major clue for the Astros in this years world series. 

Remember too in regards to my friend Cody he was the only person to call me when my son Zamien was born. A bunch of 72 stuff happened at the hospital....I sat down and looked at the TV and it said, It's a was the 72nd episode of Family Guy...but....just after that scene it skips over to Sylvester Stallone and Tony Danza...Tony Danza a main character in Angels in the Outfield haha. Plus Stallone was important to the Nice, France Van Attack. 

The Angel symbolism was big with the birth of my son...I also documented a whole lot about the Minnesota Twins that year....I just see they are currently winning their division. 

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