Monday, July 15, 2019

Notification on my phone about the Astros vs Angels game-Band Fozzy-Chris Jericho Ark of the Covenant

I think it's funny my phone decided to send me a notification about the Astros vs Angels game a bit ago. I haven't got a notification about any other game today, but Google decided to tell me about this one...
I've recently mentioned the importance of Tyler Skaggs and the Astros is why it's funny to me. 

Also earlier today it notified me of a new album by Fozzy. They spelled it as "Fozzy", but when you look up the band it's actually some spanish band named "Fozzi". I saved it, because Chris Jericho is in the band Fozzy and he's important to the Wall symbolism. 

Today is 117 days before Jericho's bday...

Something I never put together until now in regards to the Wall of Jericho is that it came down after they walked around it with the Ark of the Covenant...
Remember the Ark of the Covenant is supposedly in Ethiopia. 

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