Thursday, July 4, 2019

Death of Angels pitcher Tyler Skaggs in relation to the Earthquake symbolism

Finally getting around to looking at this story. 
Right away I see he wore # 45....a bunch of articles also talking about people honoring his 45 jersey. 
Patrick Corbin switched his number to 45 as well on 7/2...

Tyler Skaggs=45
Southlake, Texas=197
Los Angeles, California=197
The 45th prime number is 197. 
The Angels played the Texas Rangers on 4/5...He dies the same day they were supposed to play the Rangers. 

Since he died age 27, I wonder if there is a connection the the Angels star player Mike Trout who wears # 27? 
This comes 37 days before Trout's bday. 
Los Angeles=37
Notice Trout is also 27 years old. 

The Angels postponed their game because of his death and didn't play until 2/7 as well. 
I wonder in regards to the score being 9-4 too if there is a connection to the 1994 film "Angels in the Outfield"? 
That was also the year of the MLB Strike ended the season with games on 8/11. 
Skaggs dies after playing the Oakland the film Angels in the Outfield the kid first sees the Angels in the game against the Athletics too. 
The only team the Angels have beat in a World Series is the San Francisco Giants in 2002....

I want to note too that the Angels are playing Boston on 8/10 and 8/11. 
Remember the Giants are doing a tribute to the Earthquake WS team over this time against Philadelphia..
In Field of Dreams that came out the months before the Earthquake WS, they go to the Red Sox vs Athletics game..that hints to us a same City World series. 
Of course James Earl Jones is the original voice of Mufassa...the LION King....8/10 is World Lion Day...the concert going on in San Francisco has a bunch of Lion connections too. 
Luke Walton leaving Lakers-Marathon-Angel-Los Angeles
In the post where I talked about the Puebla Earthquake in connection to Los Angeles, I also mentioned a bunch about 9/19 and the Marathon symbolism. 
This only sticks out to me in regards to Angels in the Outfield because I have talked about Christopher Lloyd being from Stamford, Connecticut many times over the years. Stamford is where the 1st US Marathon was held...Think about Christopher Lloyd being the head ANGEL in the film. 
Plus Tony Danza was important to the birth of my son...which I said throughout the pregnancy there was a huge ANGEL theme going on. 
It's interesting considering we have another child due on September 14th this year...and now an Angel theme seeming to come back. 

Tyler Wayne Skaggs=85
Los Angeles Angels=85
He died after the Angels 85th game of the season. 

Earthquake=163, 44

What are the odds the Angels became 44-44 after today's game in which there was an earthquake in Southern California? 
In light of the Earthquake being connected to August 10th..
Tyler Skaggs=810(Jewish)
Also in regards to the number 85...remember the Mexico City Earthquake on 9/19 was 32 years after the last Earthquake in the year 85'. 
Angels=32....Luke Walton and Magic Johnson all about 32. 
58 and 85 are big Earthquake numbers...
Skaggs was also scheduled to pitch his next game on July 4th...

Mike Trout=262(Franc Baconis)
Michael Nelson Trout=262
9/19 the 262nd day....

The 9/19 earthquake was in Puebla too...remember that Cinco De Mayo is a celebration of Mexico defeating the French at the Battle of Puebla...think about this year and the importance to France....9/19/19 is 1 month 9 days after the 8/10. It's also Pope Francis' 6th year 6th month 6th day as being Pope....That Earthquake in 2017 was 585 days after Pope Francis visited Mexico City. 

The earthquake in 2017 was also a 7.1 makes me think how Skaggs died on 7/1. 
Seventy One=45
He also died 353 days after his bday...
The 71st prime is 353. 

It's also interesting in regards to the 115th World Series...
Angels=115(Franc Baconis)

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