Tuesday, July 23, 2019

NASA's Chris Kraft dead at 95-Pi-Slipknot releases new song/video with a Ferris Wheel in Background

My first thoughts when seeing Chris Kraft died 144 days after his bday at the age of 95 was the death of John Glenn. 
He too died age 95 and it was 144 days(end date) after his birthday. 
Remember how I was talking about Purdue University in November 2016 and a Space/Moon theme being important. Then a few weeks later John Glenn died on 12/8 and then on 1/16/17 we got the death of Eugene Cernan. Cernan attended Purdue along with Neil Armstrong..so the first and the last guys to walk on the moon both went to Purdue. 
I thought it was a riddle for the Houston Rockets but instead the Houston Astros went on to win the World Series. So just interesting I've been mentioning the Astros lately. 

Anyway a big thing with both of their deaths was about "Pi" and oddly enough today is 22/7 which has the connection to "Pi". 22/7=3.14
Twenty Two Divided By Seven=314
Six Hundred Sixty Six=95
Remember how the first 144 digits after the decimal of Pi sum to 666...think about Kraft dying age 95....144 days after his bday.
National Aeronautics and Space Administration=666

Three Point One Four=82
Cernan and Armstrong both died age 82 and their death days are 144 days apart. 
Cernan born on 3/14. 
Flight Director=82
Kraft=82(Francis Bacon)

It's interesting how his middle name is Columbus too..like Christopher Columbus...notice he died 82 days before Columbus day. 

Kraft also retired in the year 82'. 

John Glenn also died 4 months 21 days after his bday..
82nd prime is 421. 
Remember too how Glenn and Cernan died just before Super Bowl 51 that was held in Houston(Space). I even mentioned how Don Rickles was important to Cernan and then Rickles died 80 days later....The Pi symbol in Greek has a value of 80..
Bavarian Illuminati=80=Satan...Weishaupt dies 80 days before his bday. 

They also made sure to let us know in the article Kraft died 2 days after the 50th anniversary of the Moon landing. 
Chris Kraft=50

Next year will be a big year with the Moon I'm guessing considering it will be the 51st anniversary. 
Pi=51(Francis Bacon)
Conspiracy=51 and so on..
Ninety Five=51, 57

Interesting the Astros won with 11 runs today as well. 
Against the "A's" which seems funny to me considering it means more than one "A"...like A=1, A=1, A=1 and so on..
Armstrong the 1st and Cernan the 11th person on the Moon(1 11)...(Although there were 12 on the moon and Cernan was last to be on it..he was the 11th to step on it). 

Houston=31...the 11th prime is 31. 
It's also interesting today is 92 days before the World Series begins..."Astros"=92 and Oakland stayed on 57 wins(World Series=57). 

Pi=11 and 69(Jewish)
This is why it was so important that Apollo 11 landed on the Moon in 69'. 

Don't forget Steph Curry said he believed the moon landing was fake earlier this year too and his bday is 3/14. 

Also earlier this year/late last year I was documenting about 8/10 and it reminding me of 2016/2017 when we had a big revelation in this knowledge...I also mentioned how it all seems to be connected to "Pi"....so once again a Moon/space story connected to "Pi" just before this important date reminding me of the pattern of 2016/2017..
The France stuff important to 227 and 8/10..
The Big Bang Theory stuff important to Pi...
Three Hundred Ten=314
I wonder in regards to the Pig Year...Pi..g....Pi and the "G" in Freemasonry/Geometry/God? 
The Pi G year? 
Plus 22/7 is Alex Trebek's bday too and he was really important to the 2016/2017 stuff...

John Glenn died on Corey Taylor's bday that he talks about in the song Gematria: The Killing Name. 
Chris Fehn filed a lawsuit against Slipknot on 3/14...

Plus my connections to 95...my laptop crashing on Halloween=95 and all the 11 stuff. 

The Next Full Moon is on Napoleon's bday..the 227th day..
Then of course the Harvest Moon I've documented about in September. 

It's also interesting I never noticed before that Slipknot's new Album title comes from lyric in a single they released on Halloween last year. The song was called "All out of Life". 

Slipknot also released a new single today called Solway Firth. 
Solway Firth=310(Franc Baconis), 57, and 156..
False Flag=156 and 136(Franc Baconis)
Iowa State Fair=57
Their last single was released on 5/16 which was the 136th day...
Notice they released this new single 67 days after the Unsainted song and 19 days before 8/10..
19th prime is 67. 

Better yet the music video shows the giant Ferris Wheel in the back as they are playing a concert at a Fair...
I don't know what they symbolism is with this Iowa State Fair, but it's important for sure. I've been wondering if we get a shooting or something of the sort at this fair coming up though...

Also interesting..
Iowa State Fair=282(rev Francis Bacon), 225(Francis Bacon)
Halloween to the day the new album comes out is 282 days. 
5/16 to 8/10 is 2 months 25 days..

I almost forgot.."John Glenn"=810(Jewish)

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