Thursday, July 11, 2019

Corey Taylor-Kanye West in the media the past few days

Today I saw a story on CNN about Kanye West being out of debt. Yesterday I saw a story about Corey Taylor and Holocaust deniers. I'm just pointing out the significance to what I have documented about in the past. Plus it's odd I would write about this symbolism and then Zach posts about Freddie Mercury without knowing it. 
I see he covered this Corey Taylor story as well. 

When I saw the story of Kanye being broke it made me think of his connection to Jay-Z who is the Billionaire rapper. Plus Beyonce's connection to Kanye with Taylor Swift...why Corey TAYLOR is important. 
Anyway I saw this on Facebook today which I thought was funny because of it. Jay-Z "The GREY Album" once again that Mike Myers connection because of the film Annie and Austin Powers....
Plus the Canada connection as he's from there....MM...44..Earthquake? 
The Grey Album/Black Album connecting the Charles Manson stuff with the Beatles....
Piggies....Pig Year....

Holocaust=227(Franc Baconis)
Zachary K Hubbard=227(Francis Bacon)born in a Pig year.
8/10 important to France 227....

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